I had a house sitting assignment out of town for three and one half months. I would be comfortable but isolated. No TV; internet was hard to come by. Good time to write. I finished a long novel and entered it into word processing.

I appreciate doing a handwritten draft following by a quick word processing draft. Sometimes I cannot read my own handwriting, but I replace the illegible words with something that makes sense, as though I were editing at that spot. I accomplish with the two drafts a better understanding of the novel, and what may need rewriting or reworking.

Housesitting allowed me to review a novel I wrote a long time ago and entered into word processing in 2014. I was delighted that spelling mistakes, word choices and grammar were the only editing that the novel needed. I was disappointed late last month when I discovered word choices, spelling mistakes and grammar were still needed in the novel. Stupid me, I keep forgetting I’m a fool.

I rolled through a novel, adding words and got it out to a reader, just as part of the summer’s work.

In the middle of June I began a murder mystery, police procedural story. It was short, 41,000 words with little chance that the manuscript would get appreciably longer. I finished the word processing on that novel by the middle of July. So the writing of it went well.

One benefit coming from the summer? I don’t watch as much TV.

HOWEVER, the homeowner came one seven weeks early, and I had to leave. I’ve returned to a secure roof, but I’m somewhat at a loss how to put my state of mind in order. It was pleasant being alone and writing. Since, there have been diverse activities, ┬ápeople around and other demands. I’ve must adjust to write the third novel, which I intended to put into draft, this summer.