If Don Trump believes being President will improve his business standing, he should know that he has to be honest, approachable and a nice guy. Otherwise, Don will end up like Richard Nixon, and I wouldn’t buy a used car from Nixon.


The improbability this election presented was Trump’s victory after using offensive statements, jests and situations in today’s America. Not only did it seem Trump said everything wrong, but he frequently did everything wrong. Seldom did he say he was sorry but heart-felt apologies were ridiculous. It was obvious that no one believed Trump’s sincerity; they learned later that Trump had done or said something else which was more grossly offensive. And in the end everyone wondered, with the same question: How could this man have become president?

There are two reasons why Americans excused Trump’s language and behavior. In the current culture in words and action, a lot of Trump’s words and actions, are heard and seen everywhere, not just locker rooms. There is an acceptance of them uttering and sensing, hearing and sometimes experiencing. But do people actually engage in those actions, outside of TV? Most Americans don’t like to realize that someone might actually do gross, rude, obscene and criminal acts. Those words and phrases are part of the general vocabulary, confronting people every day. When saying a woman bleeds from her eyes “or wherever,” there has to be Halloween costumes worse than that; there may be more costumes among “undead outfits.” Movies and TV are worse. I’ve seen characters (players) that have no skin – it’s just blood.

The background drumbeat of words, once shocking, are now incorporated into the vernacular as verbalizations or major restatements of society. There is no refinement. It is a greater denigration leading to decadence. Early in life Americans are subject to the torments of personal abuse. Before puberty some girls are being destroyed; some are called sluts by classmates. They are critiqued by body size, brain size (head shape I suppose) and bra size. Many of those comments has been present throughout the post-elementary school experience. Words will be said. Now any infraction raises the cry, bully. Not every statement is one of a bully; the heart and soul of the speaker may not be in it. But no one knows, and Americans must learn that not every one went to the Ivy League and has manners, and took speaking lessons, mastering something George Orwell called newspeak.

Words, meanings and insinuations do carry too far. Being vulgar, boorish, uncouth is not penalized now. Being loud, aggressive and ignorant is accepted. Gentleness, understanding and diplomacy are weaknesses. Firmness, responsibility and social obligations (once known as public virtue) are obsolete. Fact, reason, wisdom and judgment are eschewed. Displays of emotions and drama entertain but fail to substitute for politics – policies, legislation and putting words into action. During the election of 2016 that is what Americans saw, and that is the choice they had:
When people want to give Trump a chance or they claim Trump wasn’t truly elected, it is on these points, his manner of appealing as an entertainer, making emotional appeals and producing phony dramas. That way forward should unsettle all Americans. In our politics we have learned to take concrete steps into the future.

It is unlikely Trump will differ much from Obama. During its beginning months, a sentence of policy emerged from Obama: A crisis is a terrible thing to waste. It is not clear that Trump will abandon his campaigning ways (anymore than Obama did). Americans seem stuck with what is presented to us in a semantic conundrum: “Versions are released for the people from above and can be altered the very next day. There is no reliable criterion of truth apart from what is the declared truth at any moment. Thus, the lie in fact, becomes the truth, or at any rate the distinction between the truth and lies, in the ordinary sense of the words, disappears. This is a great triumph … in the sphere of knowledge: to the extent that it succeeds in demolishing the notion of truth, it cannot be accused of lying.” Volkogonov, Dmitri, Autopsy for an Empire, The Free Press, N.Y. 1998, p. 393.

If I were in the Democratic Party camp and had money, I would spend on facts, reason, judgment and wisdom. I would fund legal research on one issue within the English speaking world: Conflicts of Interest. A couple of thousand law review articles written by summer’s end should provide enough of a foundation. If these facts within Trump’s administration might already present themselves; the Democrats must be totally prepared: Dump a thousand cases on Trump and the Republicans showing a conflict of interest. When the next conflict of interest arises, dump another thousand cases.

Trump owns a so-called luxury hotel in Washington DC. Should any department or agency of the United States government patronize that hotel while Trump is in the Presidency? No. Why? Conflicts of Interest. Democrats should keep a list of who uses that hotel, and what favors and meeting those people get from the Trump administration. And journalists, always short on research and shorter on leg work, will have to be ready. Will anyone step up and review actions of Trump’s actions as he tries to be President and run his businesses. Some of that research should have been done during the 2016 campaign. Trump will claim Executive Privilege, and the Democrats following Obama’s lead should agree, believe nothing should be investigated. Democrats approved of Obama’s claiming Executive Privilege went beyond his person and the White House staff; entire agencies and Departments fell under Executive Privilege protections.

Perhaps, the Democrats should insist a special prosecutor be appointed. Oddly enough, a special prosecutor was the same action Republicans proposed to investigate issues among Democrats. Obama, and the Democrats refused. If Americans want to return to fact, reason, judgment and wisdom, they must start in a place where those traits are prized and used. Otherwise, the country will receive no solace for four years: Language will become more intemperate and more demeaning with Ivy League newspeak, or schoolyard trash-talk.


I’m an expert. I’ve observed fat and the decline of the human body as it muddles with extra pounds toward the ultimate rest.

I saw Hillary crumbled on nine-eleven. She went to the doctor. She could afford to lose 70 pounds. The argument that FAT IS A FEMINIST ISSUE should now read, FAT IS A HEALTH ISSUE for every female American. Hillary has now released medical records, her own, not a double’s records.

Don Trump has gone on a Talk Show with a doctor he would never hire. Doctor Oz is a Muslim. He should have been deported before his TV show started. Or, he should have been deported when Don Trump entered the race for president. Or, he should have been deported after Don Trump accepted the Republican nomination for President. Or, perhaps, Oz will be deported after Don Trump wins the election.

Doctor Oz has put off deportation. Based upon one page written by a Doctor, Oz does not know and opines about a body Oz has not seen. Oz says Don Trump is fit to be POTUS. Sounds like medical malpractice to me – grounds for deportation. This one page set of medical conclusions is suspect. Any old fat man in New York could get a similar one page document. Don Trump likely had two score men saying they would be his double for this medical examination. I don’t know whose body the one page text refers to – Don Trump, some errant white grunt or Doctor Oz.

The first noticeable health defect afflicting Don Trump is weight. He started this campaign weighing 285, and now looks like he’s pushing 325 pounds. That’s fatter than Hermann Goering, and Buddha happily sitting on a pedestal in a city square greeting people, and Mike Huckabee, or any Muslim – terrorist or otherwise.

Before the Mighty Oz, on paper Don lost 100 pounds, pounding the scales at 236. That’s a typo for 326. He admitted to Oz he had to lose 20 pounds, but if he’s at 236, he ought to be losing 40 pounds. Fat is fat.

Old, obese, adipose men are subject to heart disease and strokes. The cheering in the background is Mike Pense running for Vice President. If he wins he cannot be fired. His campaign slogan is: Trump 2016. Pense 2017.

It seems likely that Don Trump will release no further medical records, other than the one page opinion reviewed by an unqualified doctor. There is a slogan about that MD: That guy is a Muslim. He is a LOSER! Deport!

It seems likely that Don Trump is using a double to take his medical appointments and to campaign. First, all doubles use copious amounts of makeup – who knows if the fat man speaking before a group is Don Trump#1? #2? #3? #4? On the day that this one page report was produced, the double took off the makeup and he weighed 236. The real Don is much heavier.

When Don-of-a-Month-Ago gave a speech, he would gesticulate. He moved given fingers singularity and ensemble, of one hand or another, in geometric shapes – squares, straight lines, perhaps a diagonal and certainly many verticals (up and down like Hitler did).

Don-of-Today no longer makes geometric shapes. Perhaps he’s had a secret medical condition that limits his hand gestures. Instead his right thumb and right index finger are stuck together like they are glued. The significance of the circle may mean zero, or it may mean Don is trying to perfect his aim, or Don is bringing to the attention of the American people The Big O, or Don is indicating that he is a moving target. His left hand grips the rostrum, again stuck so he can’t move.

These differences in gesticulations are high suspect. Don’t be fooled. It’s 110 percent certain that Don has suffered a medical condition, or there are at least two Dons on the Republican campaign trail. Each uses different hand gestures.

There is no transparency with Trump close by. He is so gross, large, huge, yuge, humungous that Don blocks the sun. There is no light; no one can see anything.


Did Republicans hurt themselves by using Don Trump’s tactics against him?

Remember Carly Florina’s face
Remember which orifices women (including Trump’s wife) bleed from
Remember mocking a handicap person (Bad tactics especially when the disabled person is more intelligent than Don Trump).

These are all Don Trump’s playground bullying and grandstanding showing he is tough, he doesn’t care, he’s above civility, he’s a Neanderthal and not part of the human race. No one in New York City cared about these manhood manifestations until the Thursday night event. Republican opponents raised and asked about real stuff, not playground insults:

  1. Don Trump swindled thousands of students who have incurred tens of thousands of dollars in student debt at Trump University. Trump is being sued.
    2. Trump’s stump speech can be repeated in 20 seconds. No use listening to him for any longer.
    3. Trump hires foreign nationals to work within the United States of America. That is his idea of ideal immigration enforcement.

If this is a playground dispute as the reporters claim, politics in New York City must be soft, soothing and nice. New York City reporters and commentators want everyone to be gentle and polite to Don Trump because he is fragile and breakable. He is crushed by criticism. He’s “not being treated fairly” by the Republican party.

Seeing Don Trump melt away is not surprising. He’s a big blob of jello; give it a little heat. But he wants to stay in the kitchen while all people are presenting the truth. Cry, Don Trump. Cry. Your new campaign slogan, BIG BABY FOR PRESIDENT.