Last night’s speech repeated the President’s tendency to misstate, to misconstrue and to misrepresent. He asserted “no foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland these past eight years.” Thereby Obama implies the United States has been terror-free since he has been president.

There is no grand terrorist organization. Weapons are crude or primitive. The extent of a central group might be ten guys in a garage or a cafe somewhere, far from computers and the Internet and hallucinating about the next explosion. They, themselves, are hidden, and as far from the incident as possible.

Putting aside the Obama administration’s lack of resolve to learn everything about terror, suspects, activities and contacts, it is not surprising that the President would not know if his assertion is true or false.

Americans, though, have learned the hard way (48 Americans in Tampa), that there is no umbrella organization in overseas locations sending fanatics to attack America. Since the beginning of President Obama’s administration and the Ford Hood shooting (many terror links), the lone wolf attack has been the best means to kill and get attention.

Everyone should be on the lookout, like neighbors of the San Bernardino shooters. That shooting-husband had been in south Asia on several visits. One phone call and police vigilance would have ended the activities before the tragedy.

Apparently President Obama never learned about the lack of a terror organization that his administration (and other countries) have had to alert their citizens to. He never learned terrorists don’t have diplomats or standard forms of financing. He never learned that zealots will commit the most heinous, cowardly acts, how far afield these actions are from the tenants and doctrines of Islam. Indeed, President Obama has perpetuated religious confusion by failing to confront issues and rigorously the enforce laws which most Muslims agree with.

President Obama’s speech manifests a contemptible misunderstanding of experience, intelligence, analysis and judgment, thus voiding wisdom. The President is relying on biases, prejudices, frivolous distinctions, petty particulars and his parochial swing rutted in his golf game to make his ignorance known.

From this time on most Americans will always know President Obama is wrong.