Marshall’s Generalized Iceberg Theorum: Seven-eights of everything can’t be seen. Witness Donald Sterling, LA Clippers owner.

He has voiced his views, but he does not understand how Free Speech works. Nobody has to agree with him; everyone can disagree and object. And no one has to listen to him ever again.

It is not virtuous; it is not a quality; it is not educational; it is not intellectual; it is not a characteristic of human beings. Sterling has forsaken entering the public debate by claiming his status: He is rich. And he has adopted a state of mind created by society: he is greedy.

Sterling believed the economics of dollars gave him power, and he could mouth off about anything.The economics of dollars allowed him to have a mistress including the personal assistant and keep his relationship with his wife confined to business, so says the LA Times.

Allowing economics to rule one’s life is very Marxist. Sterlings peers in the world are Russian Oligarchs and Vladmir Putin. Money and power accompanying it bear no love, no friendship, no loyalty, no compassion, no understanding, no intellect and no enlightenment. It is a solely Marxist occupation and also a Communist one to believe that money makes the world go round, and Donald Sterling’s mantra, greed is the supreme achievement.

Other men have piled dollars upon dollars but some have left benefits to the American people – some people more than others: Rockerfellers – University of Chicago; Carnegie, a university and public libraries; Huntington, library; Morgan, library; Stanford, university; Hearst, UC Berkeley; Getty, museum, library. The list is endless until Donald Sterling: PIG.

Sterling has sought publicity for giving; he advertises his giving. Apparently, the dollars don’t appear. A facility for the homeless announced in 2006 hasn’t received a penny. Billionaire Sterling promised $3,000,000 to UCLA, but gave only $500,000, returned last month because of Sterling’s mouth.

For the fashionable and frivolous Los Angeles has countless charitable events: Buy in, socialize with like thinking people, drink upscale booze, be served passable hors d’oeuvres, have trifling conversations with smiling faces, dainty tabs to the face with napkins so not to smear the makeup, have photographs taken for the ego book (and provide an alibi while murders are committed elsewhere).

Is there a way out for Donald Sterling? Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas CarolĀ about Ebenezer Scrooge: Give money plus a change of heart saved Scrooge’s soul. To hell with the soul, Sterling is taking a modern approach: He claims to have cancer and is using the “C” word to garner sympathy. It won’t work. He has shown how bitter, scornful and hateful he is. What in his life makes him that way? Only greed. Most people like him are greedy quietly. Sterling wants to be greedy noise fully, but people no longer have to listen or pay attention.