The United States Constitution, Article l, section 4, states, “The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives shall be prescribed to each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing Senators.”

The Fourteenth Amendment can be considered as subsequent authority allowing changes and modifications in decisions made by the the Legislature of each state. But generally, before setting national rules applicable to the entire country, it is the job of local governments and local people to set the local districts electing members of the House of Representatives. Not everything can be uniform.

Can a District be strictly segregated? No.

Overall the American people have seen elected officials of all races ineffective and/or corrupt: Have Latinos been well served by the Latino senator from New Jersey, or is he representing someone else? Were white people well served by the white mayor of San Diego, or did a small group of others benefit? African-Americans have gladly elected members of their own race to learn later of mismanagement and/or corruptions ending in guilty verdicts. Race, itself, is not a good means on which to base Representation. If race is the primary element determining whether a district is legitimate, God help America, and ask did Martin Luther King ever live?

Are the Republican and the Democratic Party a better means? Suppose the choice is between Colin Kaepernick and Don Trump – shouldn’t Americans hope a third person can emerge? The choice might be Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein – someone’s daughter ought to run and kick their butts. If Democrats leave Detroit or New Orleans, does that mean that Democrats should retain Congressional seats there? NO, there are no dead boroughs – designated seats – like Great Britain had until 1909. Likewise Alpine County, California (population 1175, one fifth Native American) does not have as many state senators as Los Angeles County, as it once did. All Congressional and legislative districts do and must change. All legislative districts will be approximately the same size. That is the outcome of the court decision that we now call, One Man, One Vote. In her senility Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg does not understand One Man, One Vote.

What have elected officials done? Some have accomplished much in state office, but the sad tale of New York state needs telling. Governor, Attorney General and local attorney generals are mostly Democrats. Federal prosecutors were Democrats. During the real estate collapse in 2009 members of the Trump family made representations about sales in a building they were trying to unload. The representations and actions surrounding the non-sales went to the local District Attorney, Cyrus Vance, Jr., a scion of the venerable Cyrus Vance. The current generation of the Vance family apparently likes things fast and loose.

It is reported and emails show two Trump children by were trying to agree by constructing and arranging which lies to tell while they were testifying. [It is truly amazing that the Trumps criticized Hillary Clinton for lax and improper use of email, whilst they left electronic pavement smeared across the Internet proving the worst of their actions indicating guilt.] But the pay off was to Cyrus Vance Jr. He needed money to pursue the next political office. The Trumps paid. [Note, in Florida the Attorney General of the state, Republican, declined to participate in a suit against Trump University in exchange for campaign contributions. That was all right, though, because she’s blonde, or bleach blonde.] [Before being recalled in 2003 Gray Davis was noted for dropping administrative and regulatory actions against offenders in exchange for contributions.] Needless to say nobody now remembers who Cyrus Vance Sr. was, or anything he did.

What does gerrymandering have to do with corruption? Everything. As people become entrenched in office, corruption flows. It is easy to stop – bring legal actions, taint a candidate at election time, taint the public official while in office and damn the opposing tweets from twitter-brains, make all provable facts known and supply supporting documentation. Corruption or perceived corruption is one means how political power shifts from party to party, or ideology to ideology: How was the first African-American elected President? He was a change from the Republicans, and he delivered a message different from the Clinton’s.

The exact rules to follow to avoid gerrymandering is a big and diverse issue. Despite changes who makes up electoral districts, California remains a heavily gerrymandered state. The Los Angeles Times reports there is No California Congressional District with Registered Republicans In The Majority. The Democrats have two-third majorities in the legislative houses.

I know residents of Morgan Hill, California whose congressional district extends 80 miles east through 40 miles of wilderness and 40 miles of fields to the cities along Highway 99 and the Sierra foothills. One cannot drive to their house directly from the Central Valley. Their land and residence is continuous to the congressional district of Silicon Valley where they both worked. They are up the hill, but they are part of the Salinas Valley: School district, local government, law enforcement, library district, water district, etc. I asked, “What’s happening in Fresno, or Modesto?” They have no idea.

Democrats should be careful about complaining of gerrymandering. A federal court can come along and rule a state is gerrymandered. The Democratic Party could lose 15-20 seats in the California House of Representatives delegation.

In 1779 General George Washington told the government of Virginia to send its best people to represent it in Congress. Virginia sent James Madison, likely the best Congressman to join the National government, ever. That’s the problem. Americans are not finding and sending the best persons.

My Congressman is a Democrat. I don’t dislike him because he is a Democrat; the Republicans have run real losers against him and that Congressman remains in office. But I refer to and will vaguely quote Mark Twain for a proper description of my House Representative: He is somewhere between the apes and the French.



In an ill-conceived, poorly written op-ed piece, David Gelernter failed to get points across while trying to key on four issues. His trivality is titled, The Conservative Resistance is Futile, July 6 2017, and once again The Wall Street Journal has tossed a jumble of words onto its editorial page whilst asking readers to make sense of them.

What does Gelernter mean by culture? Good writing where sentences logically support one another and complete paragraphs is not present. Instead, he gives snippets, stuff that is populated from the Internet; his ideas are cluttered, the writing is cliched.

The biggest glob blocking Gelernter’s argument is Don Trump. He is anathema to the American people. He goes far beyond vulgar; he is rude and offensive so no right-minded American would invite Don Trump into his house, especially if females were present. Americans who like Don may learn that wives are cows, this opinion expressed by a guy having two scoops of ice cream bankrupting the country by adding calories to the national debt. Being fat and boisterous is not part of American culture.

An American cultural phenomenon prizes that which is said with humor, fun and understatement which is more penetrating and longer lasting than ideas presented in anger, hate and spite. Gelernter’s world is perverse; he believes Trump’s unAmerican ways preferable. Therefrom it’s easy to determine that Trump and Gekernter have no sense of humor. They’re from New York City. There’s no humor there. Don Trump seems to relish hate. New York City may need a public relations campaign to rid hate from the fabric of its existence.

Trump is a business guy who promised competence from Day One. Nope! Republicans have been hard at work on a Health Care Replacement bill, although the party had met and discussed the issues for six years. They have no idea what they are doing. Remaining permanently stupido, Don Trump has criticized Congress many times rather than attempt accommodations and facilitate the passage of new legislation. Compromise is not part of Don Trump’s universe. However, there are many deals he has to make with the Russians who don’t care if Don Trump hates.

The Republicans will eliminate any move to reform taxes and the tax code, yet they will try to give the rich more tax breaks. It is a formula to enlarge the public debt as much as President Obama did. The wealthy need more cash to support their greed. The Republicans should take heed. The last year of low taxes will be 2020. In 2021 a Democratic Congress and Executive will double taxes on the rich.

Should the Republicans resist Don Trump and his self-serving tax policies free-loading on the public treasury? One of 100 tweets from Don Trump makes sense. The remainder are evidence of a weak wandering mind incapable of logical thoughts and full of errant items of hate. That’s why Don Trump sticks to twitter, a form of speech and culture. Twitter Corporation may not be profitable and will fail, but it will be Don Trump’s cultural contribution to America. But the country has changed. Americans once believed what was good for General Motors was good for the country. No one believes today, what is good for Don Trump is good for any citizen of the United States of America and secondly, good for any human being on earth.

What sort of culture should Conservatives adopt? They apparently like the same music liberals do. Don Trump had difficulty hiring artists to perform at inauguration balls. Do Conservatives favor acoustical instruments over electronic instruments? Do they like partner dancing, or the free-lance stuff where you might see your date in the next county – Don Trump in search of his date might engage with four women as he goes. How about painting? Does Don Trump want a Hans Holbein version of the Duchess of Cleves, or is he like Oliver Cromwell, “paint worts and all?” It is likely any painting will liposuction off 150 pounds; Conservatives and Don Trump are vane. They know history never gets in the way: Everyone looks at Holbein’s painting today and considers Anne of Cleves a fair looking woman.

So what’s happened to Conservative versus Don Trump versus the Liberals? Don Trump figures he can make statements by portraying himself in tough guy situations, in cartoons. Like the good fat Kraut he is, Trump is a fighter pilot [too obese to be a pilot] shooting at a civilian airliner destroying CNN. In another he sucker-punches a figure representing CNN. During World War Two the German Army was manly when attacking women, children, old men and civilians, but they turned tail when facing British, Russian, American soldiers and others from freedom-loving nations. This fat Kraut should remember these historical facts.

So while Gelernter and others are admiring and on their prayer rugs hoping for the best, they are on their own. The American people will not be intimidated.


Professors, con men and Trump’s uneducated supporters all want to know what was to be taught at Trump University. The big orange man has followed advice from one of his favorite mentors. “..the curriculum…. [of most schools] is a mongrel; in many cases the material to be learned in the various subjects is so swollen that only a fraction remains in the head of the individual pupil, and only a fraction of this abundance can find application…” Fragments of course descriptions from this newly created university have now been found and are published here for the first time.

Cleaning and shinning.
Anyone who has barfed into a toilet bowl knows the difference.
Cleaning: Establish that the surface is 100 percent, finger licking, palate cleansing tasty.
Shinning: Learn how to use the waste and excrement to enhance brightness so the
bowl is suitable for toilet licking crawlers.
Products that clean.
Products that shine.

Best products to survive in this natural disaster are wood and brush. Anyone ever hear of an Indian getting killed in an earthquake?

Indians get killed during earthquakes when they fall into cracks of the earth which open
up. Indians in Indonesia fall into cracks. Don Trump has seen it in the movies.

As many Indians have fallen into cracks in the Earth during earthquakes as there were
Muslims dancing in the streets of New Jersey on September 11, 2001. From that New
Jersey TV show, all Americans know that no one, Muslims or otherwise in that state, can dance.

Employees must eat. Look at Don Trump. He’s never missed a meal, a snack or a free donut. Have a room of vending machines, but only one microwave. Have plenty of chips and fructose sodas with caffeine – no use being politically correct about diet. Call fat, fat, not adipose. It’s done a lot for Don Trump. He’s sculpted with blubber. Charge for all the vending machine foods because no one wants to hire and provide health care for people who weight more than an manatee.

Spend the most money on appearance, especially the outside of the building. A big sign with polished, blinding lights is alluring. Students will enter and explore hoping and believing glamour is big at the school, whereas the buildings are left-over quonset huts from World War Two. [It is easy to date those structures. The linoleum floors always warp at the same rate after 40 years.] But students, with an eye for glitz, kitsch, and bling never look down(and if they do they don’t believe their eyes).
Don Trump could not work without elevators. Spare no expense on them. When a firm has a loud-mouth, tub of lard, ball of fat, obese razorback, it needs a big box to lift that heft. Offset that girth by hiring pretty young things who weigh nothing because they are airheads. Don’t buy and use old equipment. It always breaks down, and it is impossible to leave by the escape holes. You’re stuck. Don Trump once was in an elevator, and he missed lunch and his warm milk and cookie afternoon snack brainfood. He fired his butler that day when he ate it.

Always wear clothes when closing a real estate deal, and never offer anyone the shirt off your back. Don Trump did that once because he owed money to the creep – it was that or hitchhike home. He now goes to Goodwill and buys cheap clothes and give those as shirts off his back. Women laughed at Don Tump that entire afternoon until a new shirt, made overseas someplace, came. He did not think he was funny. It was sexist! A girl he knew lost her pants and panties at the Woodstock Festival; she hitchhiked home without them and wearing nothing. No one laughed at her.

Don Trump has to be hands on to teach women everything they know. How to be polite, pleasant and participatory in all situations. What to do to stop bleeding from orifices. Women have to learn to become hostesses, how to serve refreshments, how to wear make up [a subject Don Trump is expert about]. There are women who show up with all the proper attributes. Don Trump calls them squeeze bunnies.

Don Trump went to a militaristic, teutonic high school; he sympathizes with our veterans. His first policy initiative: Hand out lollipops. Sucking on hard candy in high school was so soothing, just like Mommy’s thumb. There was no PDST. He also felts like a transvestite or sometimes transgender. He wore and now wears more make up than those people do. He sometimes mix sexes. But he wants people to choose and identify themselves. He can’t make up his own mind. People have to tell who they are like Laverne of Laverne & Shirley. Laverne always wore an L on her top which could also represent lesbian.

Sell parcels and acreage of land that are not close to streets and roads. Showing it off by helicopter is best, especially if there’s a little two-laner in the distance that can be overused to develop an isolated tract. Don Trump believed this theory, and he did not know how much he was correct. Don Trump sold land for a far away getaway in nowhere to a stupid Mexican who did not know what he was doing. Don Trump made a profit. It was the second of two islands, stars in the sea. Since oil had taken a downturn, the Mexican hired drillship to bring in construction equipment and supplies. In six months he built 40 homes and created 20 other lots, homes in paradise, solar powered with enough water. He built a sea wall to stop global warming. Mexicans really know how to build walls and other things. The Mexican tripled his money in a year, but he had no imagination. There’s no golf course so the place is not first class.

They are needed to stop something stupid you’re doing, and begin being refouled. I’ve tried to begin refreshed but it always smelt, and I don’t like to admit I’m wrong. I’m left dragging a sagging heritage of mush and trying to avoid the pitfalls that stinks up the campaign. Don Trump knows how to speak Mexican – burrito, taco, enchilada. That should satisfy everyone who’s going to build the wall. Don Trump can speak Canadian – Canuck and Potassic fertilizer. Every Canadian sings about such words. Although Don Trump will be refouled with his Reset, the Canadians will send a new supply of rapeseeds so he can mouth-off more.


Talk is cheap. This is true but never admit it. Talk can be expensive. Suppose a house is appraised during a divorce (Don Trump had had two divorces so he knows what he is talking about. There will be a third if Heidi Klum or Megyn Kelly show up.) During the appraisal Don Trump greeted the idiot appraiser, and talked down the property making it worthless. Only devalue the property if you’re going to receive it.
Talking is the most effective way to persuade. Don’s most favorite political adviser notes:
Particularly the broad masses of the people can be moved only by the power of speech. And all great movements are popular movements, stirred either by the cruel Goddess of Distress or by the firebrand of the word hurled among the masses; they are not the lemonade-like outpourings of literary aesthetes and drawing room heroes.
Only a storm of hot passion can turn the destinies of peoples, and he along can arouse passion who bears it within himself.
It alone gives its chosen one the words which like hammer blows can open the gates to the heart of the people.


A billion, or a half-billion

Don Trump refuses to release his tax returns because he is being audited by the Internal Revenue Service for the last five (5) years. Indeed, Trump says he has been audited for the last 12 years.

Trump claims he is super-rich and is a man of vast means. He claims his net worth exceeds ten billion dollars. With financial planning outside municipal bonds, Trump should have a return on capital of 15 percent, or $1,500,000,000 per year. Trump’s annual income may be higher because Trump claims he is a businessman extraordinaire, a deal maker par excellence, a money-maker nonpareil. He makes the best business deals ever. Last week he bragged his company had hundreds of deals negotiated last year.. Let’s put Trump’s ordinary income for the last five years at a 20 percent return on capital per year, or two billion, $2,000,000,000.00 a year.

Pursuant to the tax audit, suppose the amount in dispute is ten percent (10%) of two billion in income, or $200,000,000. The Internal Revenue is auditing Trump for these five years, and the total amount at issue appears to be one billion dollars, $1,000,000,000.00. OR, pursuant to the tax audit, suppose the amount in dispute is five percent of two billion, or $100,000,000.00 in income a year. At five percent the amount in dispute for five years involves a half billion dollars $500,000,000.

Should Americans give Don Trump a pass because he does not want to pay his taxes “let the little, uneducated people” pay the taxes? NO. Should Americans allow Don Trump to fleece the American people to the tune of one billion dollars, or even half that amount? NO.

The American people should be sure that Don Trump pays taxes before he is elected for any public office. If he refuses, Cheatin’ Don should be tossed into prison like other tax evaders.


On social media and now on TV is a man, who says he’s burning his registration certificate showing he is a documented Republican. He is a Trump fan who is upset that Don did not read the Colorado Convention Rules and get any delegates.

Foremost, who keeps such a document that unfolds to a 2 1/2 by 1 1/2 foot table matte reflecting party affiliation? As far as I can tell on the screen the guy is burning the deed of his house. [I note the current Republican Party no longer can be accused as being tree killers. They hand out plastic cards showing party membership. Zut alors! There are no auxiliary benefits like discount rental cars.

Next, the man appears of the Boomer generation and the last thing he burned in 1968 was his Registration Card for the draft. That card is 2 by 4 inches.

Someone has taken the precaution of removing matches from this man’s reach. He used a barbecue lighter to get the flame agoing to the big paper. Think of the change of utility and cultural and legal implications. In 1968 when burning a draft card or lighting a joint, it was a secret affair. Be careful and use a match. Nowadays in Colorado, one openly uses the barbecue equipment to keep the flame agoing along a bomber.

Don Trump said he liked the uneducated (the ignorant). He will do nothing to improve their fate. Don Trump likes potheads. He’ll supply more weed and make billions. Don Trump also accepts endorsements from white power losers like David Duke. Two of three Americans distrust Don Trump; they also dislike him. Groups of disgusting, horrid Don Trump supporters can go on and on and on, and Americans are free to speculate, add to and further publicize the list of undesirables.


Everyone was supposed to be nice to everyone else, and mostly they were. This debate was about substance, not scorn or ridicule.

The candidate demonstrating no ability was Don Trump. When asked about Obama’s policies toward Cuba, Don Trump, the deal maker, said he would continue them: “Fifty (50) years of sanctions have not worked.”

Marco Rubio was asked the same question and he did not need a panel of consults as Trump said he would use. Out came the facts and arguments that destroyed Obama and Trump’s positions. [Whether anyone agrees with Rubio or not, he gave reasons.] If was such an orderly presentation of destruction that it seemed like Rubio was numbering them. The first four are 1. free and fair elections in Cuba, 2. promote and support free speech and a free press, 3. eliminate the Cuban security-secret police who are oppressing the Cuban people, 4. free all political prisoners.

While Rubio was marching through his points, Don Trump looked at him; the audience could see no poker face: I wish I could insult Little Marco because he’s making feel like a shrimp right now. But I promised not to. If Rubio insults me, I may have to explain the folds of blubber on my belly, in my brain any why I can’t find anything. I didn’t know Little Marco could count so high. When’s he going to stop?

After Rubio finished, Don Trump got to respond. He said he would negotiate tougher deals: Make sure when the land for the eighteenth hole of the golf course is situated, it is not sloped toward the sea.

Don Trump should agree to no more debates of substance. All debates hold allow a full panoply of insults, schoolyard accusations, unsubstantiated gossip about girlfriends, wives and former wives, and journalists along with ne’er-do-well offspring.


Today Ben Carson, MD, fabulous neurosurgeon, endorsed Don Trump, with a mixed blessing and an unclear evaluation.

Doctor Ben remembered his psychiatric classes from med school (necessary for any neurosurgeon to remember and know) and said Don Trump was a man of two minds. Based upon that statement at this time, the public can come to their own diagnosis of this multi-minded candidate.

There is the public (the first) Don, who is like a soda-jerk who is also the chief yell leader for the football team. The second Don is pensive, reflective and thoughtful.

What to make of the second Don? When he can, the second Don has revealed himself to the American public convincingly. He has difficulty stating full positions, although he states well and strings together topic sentences. Seldom does he utter a paragraph where the sentences are connected with one another any logical fashion. The second Don’s pensiveness, reflection and thoughtfulness arise because he is bewildered, befuddled and gaping. The British would call the second Don, potty.

Of course the American public does not know because it is a secret: Doctor Ben has obtained a grant to observe and to study Don Trump and write a report of this findings. In the end Doctor Ben may find that this enforcement of the second Don means he has actually endorsed Harold Stassen.

During the Miami debate Don Trump said Doctor Ben knew and had lots of good ideas about education. It also sounded like Don Trump would appoint Doctor Ben as Secretary of Education. There is a problem with these supporting words from Don Trump who has promised to eliminate the Department of Education. All the education ideas of Doctor Ben will disappear into the closest paper shredder.

Doctor Ben’s enforcement is full of ambiguity. A mixed enforcement of Don One or the Next Don brings to mind a situation that happened to Benjamin Franklin, while he was the American Diplomatic Corp in Paris during the American Revolutionary War. Franklin found hundreds of young men, second-third sons of nobility and clergymen on his doorstep. Each was looking for rank and privilege in the American Army and war service. Thereafter, each hoped to receive lands, wealth and position. Each man had at least one letter of recommendation (endorsement) from a patron, a nobleman, a churchman, a military superior, or a prince of a place revealed only later in the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.

One Paris afternoon two men arrived on Franklin’s door step, and neither of them had letters of recommendation (endorsements). To Franklin’s further surprise, each man orally recommended there other.

Doctor Ben (like Ben Franklin 230 years ago in Paris) plus the American people must know and understand more before any endorsement carries weight.


Getting support from Chris Christie is like buying used tires. Christie has been around many blocks, around and around, and has had many flats along the way. How is bridge gate going? Did they get that last bit of information from the New Jersey’s Governor’s office? Is bridge gate as volatile an issue as Don Trump’s University gate?

Will Christie love Trump when the big Duck is found guilty of violating the RICO statute (the statute Christie supposedly enforced civilly and criminally). The Big Duck will pay plaintiffs counsels’ fees plus triple damages. That will greatly diminish Don Trump’s net worth by at least one billion dollars.

Is Christie looking for a job, vice president perhaps? A lot of men are already kissing up: Scott Brown, Mike Huckabee, Joe Scarborough and now Christie. Image sculpting statues of these men, and most will have double chins. I wonder how they will hear they are fired. Brown might be too skinny. Christie is too short. Scarborough is too much of a mouthy know-all. Thereafter, Christie can have another s-fit. Let’s hope it’s not public.

Trump is the last person in politics anyone should befriend with an endorsement. Christie’s name goes from respectable competitor onto an ever-expanding s-list. When asked about Trump last summer, Christie said being in Trump’s presence was tiring. When nothing is going on in life or life is ending (Christie has a year or so as Governor of New Jersey), tiring becomes attractive and entertaining. The move today makes Christie slow and thick.

Move over, Christie’s wife draws a big salary from a financial services firm. Businesses in financial services are shedding employees to reduce costs. Christie’s wife may lose her job unless Don Trump is nominated. Don Trump will protect all the favors that Wall Street has as he preserves its status quo. NO REFORM ON WALL STREET!

Christie’s enforcement guarantees that Trump will take none of the states in the Northeast in the general election. Christie is that polarizing and untrustworthy, like Don Trump. The people who know Christie and Trump best will not vote for the big Duck.

In his endorsement statement today Christie became totally like Don Trump. It is not resolve in his voice. It is hate. Christie hates what happened to him during the campaign and he despises everyone who did better than he. Hate is not a religious, moral or ethic virtue and trait prized in our Judeo-Christian culture. Don Trump and Christie can camouflage tones of voice, can use different words, and can soften hardened gazes. But each of them presents behaviors that add up to hate. Listen to Don Trump’s on-going harangue today after the endorsement. One wonders if Christie found that tiring. I’m sure Christie loves hearing Don Trump repeat himself, every two minutes (sometimes more frequently) because he has no new material.

So who do Christie and Trump hate? Anyone who disagrees with them. Anyone who is more talented than either of them. That is reminiscent of Richard Nixon, and the American experience is, Americans do not want to elect persons who hate and thereafter are in charge of the FBI.

An irony in the Christie endorsement is the missing iPhone. On it are all the plans, details, timing and contacts between Governor Christie and Don Trump: How to close the bridge and anger everyone. After the iPhone is found in May, Apple Corporation will refuse to disclose its contents for review.


We, the undersigned, demand the United States Government make Donald Trump pay for and build a wall on the border of Mexico and the United States of America, for the following reasons:

  1. Building a wall is Trump’s idea.
  2. Trump claims he has the money to build a properly done wall, whatever the dimensions.
  3. Trump is rude and offensive.
  4. Trump is fat, obnoxious and old.
  5. Trump should do something for the United States of America other than being a draft-dodging coward who shirked military duty to avoid fighting in the Vietnam War.
  6. Trump owes the American people billions for the four bankruptcies he has declared.
  7. Trump (and MSNBC) owe the American people billions for the pitiful TV show.
  8. Trump owes the American people billions for exposing them to the worst hair job atop a face covered with cosmetics.  That crap covering his face does not just remove pimples and blackheads.
  9. Trump owes billions for lies and slanders against mainstream religions. Presbyterians are not mainstream; Trump claims to be one of them. According to the Internet there are more Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, Methodists, Mormons, Episcopalians, Jehovah Witnesses, Jews, Moslems, Hindus and Buddhists in the United States than there are Presbyterians. Seventh Day Adventists outnumber Presbyterians ten to one. There are more Presbyterians than wiccans and pagans. Presbyterianism is truly a backwater religion.
  10. Trump owes billions because his pout looks preposterous.
  11. Medical bills are high because Trump bleeds from every orifice.
  12. When Trump talks he says nothing. When asked about Vladimir Putin in the last debate, Trump talked about North Korea and Kim Sung Putin.
  13. Trump’s plan to cut taxes will provide insufficient funds to give Trump the tax breaks he wants.
  14. Trump should pay because he is the only candidate who can determine when the wall is properly done. He has vast experience, frying his brain and cooking the books.
  15. Hilary handily beats Trump is the polls at a General Election. That is why Trump called Bill Clinton before announcing his candidacy for the Republican nomination. AND,
  16. Trump has a pathological ego, also known as a terminal ego, the sort that Richard Nixon had.