I’ve watched enough Crime Shows on ID and elsewhere, for background into police investigations, criminal activities, and cops and robbers. I might write about that stuff in the future. Here’s my rundown.

ONE, Do not be upset any thing a member of your family does or says. Do not be upset by any situation coming from within a family. Everyone in your family, including yourself, is a knucklehead. Be doubly thankful you only have to see those people once or perhaps twice a year, always smiling while you’re outright plastered, stoned or drooling.

TWO, Almost every one involved in a crime is guided by the worst base instincts, reinforced by low intelligence – moron, retard or imbecile. There is never any reason, logic, thought or discipline.

THREE, The lamest reason to kill are slights or disrespect. That reason usually indicates the criminal is so weak, he is hardly capable of remaining bipedal.

FOUR, Victims are plenty stupid. They are weak, have no reason, have no ability to observe, and cannot draw conclusions from the simplest facts and the most obvious behaviors before and around them. Some women think having a man be violent around them, means that man loves them. Note that victims prefer to remain innocent and surprised, if not delighted, until they are murdered.

FIVE, Always lock the doors of your dwelling and office. No community in America today should have an open door policy.

SIX, Be careful when dating a male who has been violent, arrested or has a long police record. A psychologist is likely to declare that man treated and cured. But psychologists like to lie; they make money lying to courts, prison officials, doctors, victims and the police. Lies are how psychologists make money.
[Note as a potential story, longtime shrink approves release of prisoner who then kills. Of course the prisoner/perpetrator is guilty. But can the shrink be discredited (impeached) by 20 previous misdiagnoses. American court let victims sue professionals for malpractice in the exercise of their professions. Can a crime victim or a family sue the shrink for malpractice?]

SEVEN, In any marriage the lack of money is usually a problem. If a spouse is going to Goodwill or to Ross on special occasions, the other other spouse shops at malls, those actions will grind away love and end in murder.

EIGHT, Obviously dating perpetrators and victims are tremendously immature. Neither knows who they are or who the other person is. The relationship never gets past, I’m the man for this pretty little girl. The guy has been looking at Internet porn for five years and figures he knows what to do. The girl is a step away from playing with dolls and giggling with girlfriends about boys in bathing suits. This is hardly sexist or a diminishment of American womanhood. An adolescent girl beginning middle school is much less mature than a savvy 17 year old lady.

NINE, Will Rogers advised (paraphrased), If you’re heading the herd, turn back every once in a while to see if anyone is following.
Americans are individuals in society and isolated. Look around everyone once in a while to see who is following. Sometimes it is good to take heed.
This is appropriate for parents loading and unloading children into cars. A family is vulnerable at this time. Get that routine down so it is automatic, thorough and quick.

TEN, Unless you are involved in Criminal Activities, always leave GPS or location markers (installed or absent) in your car; leave them on your phone [The U.S. government does not listen because they know most Americans are crushing bores. It’s the only way to explain how the government treats us.] If your computer has apps or locations markers, install them.

ELEVEN, Have common sense. If you are new to town, wait a spell before dating the prettiest girl or the most handsome hunk. Try to live alone; get your bearings. Don’t join roommates who don’t have common interests with you i.e. education, job, religion. If new to an area, keep a diary or a log, and explore until there is a map of the area within your brain.

TWELVE, Sometimes, meet anyone you date more than once before going on future dates. Don’t go on dates where plans are changed from a public place, to a private, secluded or secretive location.

THIRTEEN, Don’t believe anything anyone tells you online: age, location, occupation, photographs, likes and dislikes. How might anyone know the man or boy of her dreams does not have a job? He responds immediately after you send him an involved email or greeting during the day.

FOURTEEN, Sure firearms kill people. So do knives, screwdrivers, icepicks, hammers, tire irons, automobiles, clubs, ropes, wires, scarves and many other instruments, pieces of apparel or tools. Women and men should all be acquainted with and be able to use these means of improving civilization in their most useful ways.

FIFTEEN, Today, there will be witnesses to almost every act by every human being – microphones, recordings, videotape, security cameras, electronic memories and data collection and a less reliable witness, human beings.



In Joachim Fest’s biography, Speer, the biographer in the final chapter concludes about his subject: “Speer admitted that he would also have placed himself at the disposal of a ruler of a completely different ideological orientation, if he had offered him similar opportunities.” (343)

If that state of mind of a man like Speer is not absurd consider what comes next: “…when asked whether he would have behaved differently after all he had since learned about Hitler and the system created by him, [Speer] replied, after an astonished pause, ‘I don’t think so.'” (348)

Don’t learn from mistakes; don’t learn from experience; have no intelligence; forget free will; I did nothing wrong; I have no personal responsibility; everyone else was doing what I was doing. Speer is a guy who was born to be abused because life could teach him nothing. He would participate with the same group of thugs and criminals in the 1930s and 1940s, groups which have plagued human society since history began recording events. 

But Speer was supposed to be different; he was more intelligent. He figured he had spent 20 years in prison for the 12 years he participated in the Third Reich and afterward he expected to be relieved. According to his biographer, Speer did not understand why he wasn’t relieved after prison; he didn’t know why he felt more comfortable in prison-like settings. That answer is he never left prison. Speer never made the connection that his participation in the Third Reich was not destiny – it was not his fate. He had talent – architect and intelligence. Those abilities did not direct him to the Nazis. A point made in the biography was Speer took the Nazi road because it was easy. He did not have to think, consider or judge: JUST DO.

Socrates once said, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” Albert Speer lived an unexamined life. The first obligation any human being has is to understand he is a human being. He is not defined by being part of a social, political or religious group. What sort of human being was Speer? Pathetic, living and struggling through existence and never realizing who he was or how he should act to achieve happiness. He, not others, should make decisions about his life; he should make no choices; others directed him toward opportunities. Human beings should understand that taking the easy way may be more perilous than taking the hard way. The biography described what Speer did to survive, but not why he was incapable of being his own man.

Taking “the road less traveled” [from Robert Frost] is more difficult but frequently more fulfilling, provided one has made the choice and realizes the hazards, avoiding them, before the pot of goodies.

Since learning of Socrates’ axiom, I’ve stride to live an examined life, and it is often troubling. I remember a lot – never feelings, but people, places, dates, times, who said what when. I know that my current state of existence is derived from choices and deliberate actions based upon experience and learning. Nothing comes from destiny. I am not Mozart. My production comes from effort – intelligence, judgment, memory, understanding, intuition, experience, learning and what wisdom is there. I have eight books – six novels, a history and one of essays and stories on the iBookstore. I can post more if prudence warrants that.

But the fact that I am a writer is not destiny or fate. Except for mediocre law school grades, I would have been happy being an antitrust attorney where I was talented, motivated and driven. My initial medium in which to be original was music except I injured a hand early on.

I’ve asked myself why I made certain choices. I’ve come to the realization that I always make similar choices. My choices may be a mistake, or they my be natural. I remember, though, as a teenager I had the conception that I did not want to work for anyone; I didn’t want to exploit anyone. I wanted to take stuff from me and present it to the world. Good or bad that thought has been a significant influence in all my decisions when making choices. I have learned that some choices will force me into activities and actions that will reduce me to unhappiness. I don’t need that. I avoid those situations and activities that will disturb and disrupt my ability to fulfill my ease and comfort.

As for Albert Speer, living through his years and being compelled to act, looking back and he doesn’t think that he would have behaved or acted differently – Speer is properly destined for the hellish oblivion he lived in his entire life. 

As for myself making choices and going off road, I hope to make myself rich and famous. I can stop walking and buy a vehicle – a Honda Civic, a Ford Focus or anything to make my journey on the road less traveled easy.