This week we saw Don Trump in his first press conference. Journalists have to be better prepared, and quicker.

Journalists have been lazy too long. Press conferences have become a game. Journalists ask a vague question about rumor, allegations or nuances that are out there, and they expect politicians to answer. The answer always blows off the journalist, whose bosses believe he has done his job. He is hired for another year.

Note there are no names,, dates, places, topics identified as supporting the rumors, allegations or nuances. Part of the journalistic story says the Russians have tactical information which compromises Don Trump. Are those secrets any more than other information that is already public? Are there more Billy Bush tapes? Does the secret, confidential information involve speeding tickets? Americans know or can suspect that Trump or his businesses owe the Russians money, and now the Ruskies will raise interest rates.

If the American people come to believe journalists proving and presenting facts from nuance, rumor and allegation, they will need to see investigative journalism, not stuff that has shifted around Washington for a half year. Some of the rumor might be good; most of it might come from Buzz Feed.

A good example of proper journalism is well know, All The President’s Men, recounts journalist efforts during the Watergate Affair.