The oil comes from the fruit of trees. When ancient man could not make wine, beer or spirits from the liquid of the fruit, a woman came along and learned, this is good for cooking. Now, the Olive Oil world should be investigated.

The Internet says stuff, once cherished but made overseas, is being debased but is still labeled as fabulous Olive Oil. Those Internet writers do not tell what is wrong with premium olive oil from Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey and other countries. They cannot attest to an old, or an odd olive, changing the taste, smoothness or quality of the product. It is inferred that the octane is now 20 rather than 90, but nobody gives any laboratory evidence. Instead, they give their preferred procedures.

Pick up a bottle of speciality olive oil from California, United States of America: “My country tis a vie…” There are all sorts of dates on the bottle: Date Olives were picked; date squashed, date processed, date frozen, date bottled, used by date. Each date has a particular function and adds to the flavor or quality. No one will tell when the THC is added, a well known ingredient like the gasoline additive, Petrox, to put a tiger in the tank. After using California Olive Oil, no one cares what the food tastes like. Any food will do.

Because the product comes from California and results from the finest agricultural techniques, olive oil in the state is funded and hyped by people writing the Internet articles. It is like the old days when hippies argued that brown rice was better than anything else. No one can say what the finest agricultural techniques are, or that the new product of technology is truly better than the oil fashioned stuff, made with millennia of experience, or why an old olive tree is slimier than a new one. Why not have bits of fertilizer in the morning’s milk? That’s better than drinking milk that’s pasteurized. And users of the California olive oil pay super premium prices, at least $70 a gallon.

This olive oil problem arose when giant, greedy corporations without name, honor or reputation began taking over growers, producers and sellers. Specifically Michael Corleone announced, “The Corleone family has sold all its interests in the olive oil business.” The Corleone family had a stake in producing and selling the best product around. They were honorable and maintained their reputation. If they didn’t do so, they knew their goose was cooked. They were also a family and of a people who would like higher prices for their product, but they knew the market. So the Corleone family never charged excessive prices, ($70.00 a gallon) like they were principals of a pharmaceutical company, selling at excessive prices all the while degrading the competition.