On April 23, 2017 I gave a rundown of criminal situations that arise frequently on crime shows. I gave 15 much scenarios, and I’m adding another 15. I cannot say I’ve covered the whole range of basic facts leading to crime. I may write more, but the 20 categories I’ve identified can help anyone to analyze any scene. Here comes Crime 2:

l.   No adult or adolescent female should ever attempt to mother a man who is a boyfriend. There is no reforming the male. That relationship will end badly – violently with psychological issues rearing and separating the couple, and an ugly aftermath.

2. There is a different between support, care and attention and mothering. A mother has
to accept all great aberrant behaviors. But a woman in a relationship does not to go
beyond care, nursing a scrapped knee; she should support criminal acts but she should to ready the man for the consequences of his actions, striving to improve his state of mind if the idiot is capable. She should never tell everyone her man is right and righteous.

3. DO NOT EVER believe having plastic surgery will rekindle a marriage/love affair.
Marital problems usually go to he bone – far beyond skin deep.

4. Marriage, living with another, is real. DO NOT EVER believe a spouse who commits fraud or steals from other is a mate. Theft is theft, whether it be money, time, attention or caring.

5. Missing persons: When a child, adult or relative are missing – not were anyone expected them to be and not found anywhere else – call the cops. When anyone waits for the cops to call them to report, your missing person is dead.

6, Women of all ages, but primarily adolescents and a bit older, should never feel sorry for a guy who tells a sad tale otherwise instantly recognized as a sob story. His life is one
of hard knocks. The guy wants you to cry; he wants you to take care of him; he wants your body. He wants your attention. He wants your money. He says he does but he does not care about you.

Corollary: A sob story is not a good basis on which to establish a long term

7. Boys and girls who insist on confronting someone who has wronged them, and they don’t want to go to the cops, frequently their end up murdered or hurt. When a crime is committed, the perpetrators frequently are emotionally dangerous human beings and easily act wantonly a second time.

8, If perpetrators of crimes have a successful run, treat it like a job. Save the money. Have an exit strategy. Train replacements. Leave town. Remain silent. Live a quiet life somewhere afar. Spend time reading books taken from the public library. Try not to see the old gang again.

9. A single adult with a child must realize: Grow up, be mature. The child or any adult the
needs attention and care. The child is offspring; you are not a child. Rules of being single no longer apply. The single person is first an adult. The most important person in life is the child – not the single socialite, and not the pretty person who is offering attention to the single parent. There are no good reasons for ignoring a neglected child.

10. Human thought puts too much emphasis on experience, and not enough on the imagination: identifying an activity, playing through the actions, consider the consequences. The thinking is much better than the reality: Do a stupid, wanton, wasteful act will forever change lives including your own, and your life will be gone.

11. Being a parent means you must also carry the responsibilities of being an adult. But being an adult, does not mean one is capable of being an parent.

12. A teenager of a small town who is going to college, in a larger town should reflect. Where you are going is much more exciting than anything in the hometown. It is not time to paint the hometown red. Too much can happen which usually does, involving crime, injury and death. Instead, rest and read so you can paint the college town red.

13. In America today are large subcultures, devoid of or producing their own morals and
ethics and inflected with with addictions. Citizens live on the edge or off the grid
because they are incapable of joining society in any way.

14. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Right? There are towns and neighborhoods,
elsewhere, where the Vegas rule also pays out. One such place is the Haight-Ashbury in
San Francisco. There are also yoga communities along the coast of Southern California;
and there’s the spiritual community of Sedona Arizona.

15. Marriage. If you are on drugs, or your marital partner is on drugs, do not marry. If you are on drugs, and the potential spouse is not, neither person knows the other. If both persons are on drugs, neither person has a chance to know the other.
When writing about marriage, any author should mention drug usage when writing a story – crime, romance, family.



I’ve watched enough Crime Shows on ID and elsewhere, for background into police investigations, criminal activities, and cops and robbers. I might write about that stuff in the future. Here’s my rundown.

ONE, Do not be upset any thing a member of your family does or says. Do not be upset by any situation coming from within a family. Everyone in your family, including yourself, is a knucklehead. Be doubly thankful you only have to see those people once or perhaps twice a year, always smiling while you’re outright plastered, stoned or drooling.

TWO, Almost every one involved in a crime is guided by the worst base instincts, reinforced by low intelligence – moron, retard or imbecile. There is never any reason, logic, thought or discipline.

THREE, The lamest reason to kill are slights or disrespect. That reason usually indicates the criminal is so weak, he is hardly capable of remaining bipedal.

FOUR, Victims are plenty stupid. They are weak, have no reason, have no ability to observe, and cannot draw conclusions from the simplest facts and the most obvious behaviors before and around them. Some women think having a man be violent around them, means that man loves them. Note that victims prefer to remain innocent and surprised, if not delighted, until they are murdered.

FIVE, Always lock the doors of your dwelling and office. No community in America today should have an open door policy.

SIX, Be careful when dating a male who has been violent, arrested or has a long police record. A psychologist is likely to declare that man treated and cured. But psychologists like to lie; they make money lying to courts, prison officials, doctors, victims and the police. Lies are how psychologists make money.
[Note as a potential story, longtime shrink approves release of prisoner who then kills. Of course the prisoner/perpetrator is guilty. But can the shrink be discredited (impeached) by 20 previous misdiagnoses. American court let victims sue professionals for malpractice in the exercise of their professions. Can a crime victim or a family sue the shrink for malpractice?]

SEVEN, In any marriage the lack of money is usually a problem. If a spouse is going to Goodwill or to Ross on special occasions, the other other spouse shops at malls, those actions will grind away love and end in murder.

EIGHT, Obviously dating perpetrators and victims are tremendously immature. Neither knows who they are or who the other person is. The relationship never gets past, I’m the man for this pretty little girl. The guy has been looking at Internet porn for five years and figures he knows what to do. The girl is a step away from playing with dolls and giggling with girlfriends about boys in bathing suits. This is hardly sexist or a diminishment of American womanhood. An adolescent girl beginning middle school is much less mature than a savvy 17 year old lady.

NINE, Will Rogers advised (paraphrased), If you’re heading the herd, turn back every once in a while to see if anyone is following.
Americans are individuals in society and isolated. Look around everyone once in a while to see who is following. Sometimes it is good to take heed.
This is appropriate for parents loading and unloading children into cars. A family is vulnerable at this time. Get that routine down so it is automatic, thorough and quick.

TEN, Unless you are involved in Criminal Activities, always leave GPS or location markers (installed or absent) in your car; leave them on your phone [The U.S. government does not listen because they know most Americans are crushing bores. It’s the only way to explain how the government treats us.] If your computer has apps or locations markers, install them.

ELEVEN, Have common sense. If you are new to town, wait a spell before dating the prettiest girl or the most handsome hunk. Try to live alone; get your bearings. Don’t join roommates who don’t have common interests with you i.e. education, job, religion. If new to an area, keep a diary or a log, and explore until there is a map of the area within your brain.

TWELVE, Sometimes, meet anyone you date more than once before going on future dates. Don’t go on dates where plans are changed from a public place, to a private, secluded or secretive location.

THIRTEEN, Don’t believe anything anyone tells you online: age, location, occupation, photographs, likes and dislikes. How might anyone know the man or boy of her dreams does not have a job? He responds immediately after you send him an involved email or greeting during the day.

FOURTEEN, Sure firearms kill people. So do knives, screwdrivers, icepicks, hammers, tire irons, automobiles, clubs, ropes, wires, scarves and many other instruments, pieces of apparel or tools. Women and men should all be acquainted with and be able to use these means of improving civilization in their most useful ways.

FIFTEEN, Today, there will be witnesses to almost every act by every human being – microphones, recordings, videotape, security cameras, electronic memories and data collection and a less reliable witness, human beings.



I’ve been asked why a child growing up in America would connect to a hard-nosed religion, follow a strict tenet-driven cult, or adopt a hatred for the country. Reasons and behaviors are failure to be educated, reliance on a limited faith, seeking simple answers and reveling in ignorance while eschewing learning and wisdom.

Some children are born into such philosophies, faiths and hatreds like the author of this book. She provides no answer to the question. Her book and story become ridiculous and ends farcically.

Note the book is primarily available in public libraries, but it is otherwise very expensive. By obtaining a huge judgment, the family of the man whom the author murdered put an end to the author’s aspiring literary career. She is reduced to making meager diary entries.

The author reported her cult let her do many things the average American kid and teenager did. Sometimes there were no utilities in Mexico where she grew up. Her parents had their life savings swindled from them by cult/church members. Her mother would blithely comment about such situations being God’s way or will. Her father married another women, thus fully adopting the cult’s polygamist teachings. There was a lot of social pressure on girls to marry church elders, leaders or whoever else came by, at 14, 15 and 16 years, when the author says she married the church leader, 30 years her senior. She was wife number 13. She describes that he was a complete loser in bed. He finally got her pregnant; a child was born.

It was a tough life. No money, she and other wives have to scrounge for clothes, food and sometimes shelter, when they came to the US. They slept ten or more to a room. Meanwhile the old man was writing theological pieces disagreeing with other cult leaders and defining his doctrine. He spent very little time among the distaff, domestic bliss. Life carried on this way, women’s work also included bringing home the bacon.

Her husband-leader ordered author and another woman to kill a polygamist leader living near Salt Lake City. They make arrangements with two men, go to Salt Lake and murder the man. She pulls the trigger. A few years later she is put on trial and found not guilty.

The author has learned nothing. Her actions are tantamount to being a fervent Nazi, bring tried a Nuremberg, being found not guilty and returning to the Nazi fold. The author returns to the doctrine and further indoctrination from the church leader, who is hiding out in Mexico to avoid prosecution. He controls his cult from a distance.

On page 248 during her trial the author complains being in jail with “a big Indian woman who had slit her husband’s throat, and another woman who had shot her boyfriend…” They had “committed much more violent crimes…” NOTE: The author shot her victim seven (7) times at close range. The author, a twenty year old during trial, thought she “had to work out my problems on my own.” (p. 252) The author is the sort of woman who deceives herself. She prays (again and again) and the outcome “was in God’s hands.”(268) At trial so and so witness “wasn’t so bright.” (272)

Another woman from the cult commits murder in San Diego about the same time the author killed the competing polygamist in Salt Lake. The author fails to understand the legal processes or how lucky she was: “She had been convicted of …murder, even though she did the same thing a jury saw fit to acquit us for. She was merely following what she believed to be God’s will…I’m convinced that she has more than paid for her crime.” (296-297)

Next comes, “Ed may have killed a few people and stalked others targeted for murder…” but Ed’s an all right guy. (308)

The church leader is captured, taken to Utah, put on trial, found guilty and given a life sentence. He refuses to divorce the author, who has no paperwork saying she is married to cult leader. The author removes herself from the right way, so she can marry. The man who married them comes to town and says, he’s sorry for marrying her and that she is divorced. There are four centers for the cult: Mexico, Denver, Salt Lake and Dallas/Houston, where the author resides.

The cult leader dies. The body is flown to Houston where the author buries him.(334) The cult has no leader. The mother of the author comes to her senses and says, “I wouldn’t follow [proposed leader] around the corner.”(339) Next, most of the one-time cult members, many of the author’s siblings, are murdered, likely by rival cult members.

The author may or may still be following cult tenets, but her dead brother’s children are not. Her brother went to another church and joined. The author writes, “…members of the church…offered to help…The six kids are now in a stable Christian home… We feel this was the best thing for them, to be away from us and out of the “line of fire.” (366)


There was more than one shooter in Dallas on November 22, 1963, and that person(s) was likely killed soon after the President was dead. It is unlike that Oswald knew this other person(s). However, these other persons were much better shots than Oswald. 
Throughout these blogs I assume Oswald owned the rifle that was recovered by the FBI.

ISSUE 1: Condition of Oswald’s Rifle. After the assassination the American people were told that Oswald had purchased a rifle of Italian make through the mail for $13.00. It presumably was war surplus, or a knock-off of a World War Two model. There aren’t many improvements that can made to a rifle like that. Oswald got what he paid for. The idea that Oswald’s rifle could be modified to improve it is wrong.

ISSUE 2: Marksmanship. In the mid-1950s Oswald joined the U.S. Marines, and he qualified as a marksman. That means in a shooting position or shooting positions, he hit the target frequently on the firing range at a given distance, 100 -200 yards. BUT Oswald was not a sniper. He did not receive that training, which involves much more shooting with different sorts of weapons. It involves firing many more rounds at targets from various positions. Oswald likely could not meet the psychological and other standards which Marine snipers must have.

ISSUE 3: Practice. There has been a dispute about a photograph in which Oswald holds a rifle similar to the one he bought for $13.00. I do not know if that photograph was real.  As a “marksman” Oswald needed to practice. Did Oswald practice on a firing range, or did he just occasionally shoot at tin cans from the back porch of his house? How much did Oswald practice? Did he shoot off 5,000 rounds, or was it 35?

When did the route of Presidential motorcade become known to the public and to Oswald? It is obvious that Oswald did not have months to prepare. He may have had a week. Any sniper as well as any marksman will explain to anyone that it is necessary to practice such a shot from the actual shooting position, if possible. If not shots can be made, it is very helpful to stand with the weapon in the position and project circumstances at the time of shooting. Where to aim for the kill shot?  It is doubtful if Oswald did anything like that, although in the Sixth Floor of the School Book Depository, Oswald would have to turn his body some to take shots Two and Three. 

It has not been explained how devoted Oswald was to firing his rifle. A single photograph of Oswald holding a rifle does not make Oswald a fiend for guns or for that rifle. Under normal circumstances it is improbable Oswald would have made shots Two and Three without intense practice. Oswald’s marksmanship qualifications are a red herring.

ISSUE 4: Reenactments. The History Channel [Military Channel, Assassination Channel] have reenacted the setting of the November 22, 1963 site down to the last millimeter. They have used the same model of Oswald’s rifle, but have not used Oswald’s rifle. It is probable that the rifle being shot is in as fine a condition as that rifle can be (and very much unlike Oswald’s rifle). The shooter is a sniper, or someone with sniper abilities. He knows he has three shots to fire, not one. And it is to be assumed that the shooter practiced, including with his body turned (for shots Two and Three).

The reenactments are wrong and misleading.

More in the next blog.