MSNBC, leaning forward like Hitler’s Army in World War II, got its chuckles.

Mitt Romney is the grandfather of a black child. The New York Citiers on MSNBC are laughing about it and making loads of politically incorrect comments about this adoption.

Fortunately, the Romney family can protect the child from these vile, scornful, hateful remarks and give the child love, hope and security.

But MSNBC: Other than ridding itself of everyone on this show or news program – producers, hosts, guests – and never showing their mugs on TV again as well as shutting them out forever, the host of every MSNBC show/program/news hour and every NBC newsperson should apologize publicly to the Romney family and to the American people.  

FORWARD. Most Americans recognize FORWARD as the promotional, advertising slogan of MSNBC.

But they do not know what most Europeans know. FORWARD was the primary order of the Wehrmacht, Hitler’s Army, when German soldiers were killing women, children and the elderly. For instance, “Think forward, look forward, ride forward,” was the order of the day given to the German 1st Cavalry Division crossing into the Netherlands on May 10, 1940.

Forward was also on orders given to the Wehrmacht invading Russia on June 22, 1941.

See Yeide, Harry, FIGHTING PATTON, Zenith Press, Minneapolis, 2011, p. 60, 104.

The Nazis used FORWARD beyond military orders. On German Memorial Day, March 10, 1940, a newspaper headline read, OVER THE GRAVES FORWARD. see William L. Shirer, Berlin Diary, NY, Knopf, 1941, p. 296.

MSNBC should end its Wehrmacht slogan and apologize to the human race and specifically those who suffered under and who fought the Nazis.