On April 23, 2017 I gave a rundown of criminal situations that arise frequently on crime shows. I gave 15 much scenarios, and I’m adding another 15. I cannot say I’ve covered the whole range of basic facts leading to crime. I may write more, but the 20 categories I’ve identified can help anyone to analyze any scene. Here comes Crime 2:

l.   No adult or adolescent female should ever attempt to mother a man who is a boyfriend. There is no reforming the male. That relationship will end badly – violently with psychological issues rearing and separating the couple, and an ugly aftermath.

2. There is a different between support, care and attention and mothering. A mother has
to accept all great aberrant behaviors. But a woman in a relationship does not to go
beyond care, nursing a scrapped knee; she should support criminal acts but she should to ready the man for the consequences of his actions, striving to improve his state of mind if the idiot is capable. She should never tell everyone her man is right and righteous.

3. DO NOT EVER believe having plastic surgery will rekindle a marriage/love affair.
Marital problems usually go to he bone – far beyond skin deep.

4. Marriage, living with another, is real. DO NOT EVER believe a spouse who commits fraud or steals from other is a mate. Theft is theft, whether it be money, time, attention or caring.

5. Missing persons: When a child, adult or relative are missing – not were anyone expected them to be and not found anywhere else – call the cops. When anyone waits for the cops to call them to report, your missing person is dead.

6, Women of all ages, but primarily adolescents and a bit older, should never feel sorry for a guy who tells a sad tale otherwise instantly recognized as a sob story. His life is one
of hard knocks. The guy wants you to cry; he wants you to take care of him; he wants your body. He wants your attention. He wants your money. He says he does but he does not care about you.

Corollary: A sob story is not a good basis on which to establish a long term

7. Boys and girls who insist on confronting someone who has wronged them, and they don’t want to go to the cops, frequently their end up murdered or hurt. When a crime is committed, the perpetrators frequently are emotionally dangerous human beings and easily act wantonly a second time.

8, If perpetrators of crimes have a successful run, treat it like a job. Save the money. Have an exit strategy. Train replacements. Leave town. Remain silent. Live a quiet life somewhere afar. Spend time reading books taken from the public library. Try not to see the old gang again.

9. A single adult with a child must realize: Grow up, be mature. The child or any adult the
needs attention and care. The child is offspring; you are not a child. Rules of being single no longer apply. The single person is first an adult. The most important person in life is the child – not the single socialite, and not the pretty person who is offering attention to the single parent. There are no good reasons for ignoring a neglected child.

10. Human thought puts too much emphasis on experience, and not enough on the imagination: identifying an activity, playing through the actions, consider the consequences. The thinking is much better than the reality: Do a stupid, wanton, wasteful act will forever change lives including your own, and your life will be gone.

11. Being a parent means you must also carry the responsibilities of being an adult. But being an adult, does not mean one is capable of being an parent.

12. A teenager of a small town who is going to college, in a larger town should reflect. Where you are going is much more exciting than anything in the hometown. It is not time to paint the hometown red. Too much can happen which usually does, involving crime, injury and death. Instead, rest and read so you can paint the college town red.

13. In America today are large subcultures, devoid of or producing their own morals and
ethics and inflected with with addictions. Citizens live on the edge or off the grid
because they are incapable of joining society in any way.

14. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Right? There are towns and neighborhoods,
elsewhere, where the Vegas rule also pays out. One such place is the Haight-Ashbury in
San Francisco. There are also yoga communities along the coast of Southern California;
and there’s the spiritual community of Sedona Arizona.

15. Marriage. If you are on drugs, or your marital partner is on drugs, do not marry. If you are on drugs, and the potential spouse is not, neither person knows the other. If both persons are on drugs, neither person has a chance to know the other.
When writing about marriage, any author should mention drug usage when writing a story – crime, romance, family.



Adolph did not think much of his followers: Scum recurs in the text; weakling is another word. Adolph wants his followers to be disciples, not of a brotherhood where consent, love and goodness are controlling behaviors. He demands his followers be intolerant, violent and brutal especially to everyone who disagrees with them or who does not look like them.

...the masses are slow moving and they always require a certain time before they are ready, even to notice a thing, and only after the simplest ideas are repeated a thousand times will be masses finally remember them.(page 185)
On top of this there is the fact that the mass of people as such is lazy; … they remain inertly the spirit of their old habits (page 470)
At night…they will succumb more easily to the dominating force of a stronger will.
…mysterious twilight in Catholic churches, the burning of lamps, incense,
goal of oratory is “illiterate common people.”(page 475)

I cannot think why any human being or a group of human beings would follow, except Adolph is correct. Human beings are group animals. We live together in families, clans, neighborhoods, villages, towns, cities, regions, states and nations. Most people like to feel part of something, trusting on friendship alone, believing in a similar set of ideas that once made sense but are not completely reasoned, hoping unity of community action will bring about changes. People sometimes invest together.
Adolph may believe that all human beings need leading, but he is wrong. He could lead no more than one-third of the German nation to vote for him, yet he became dictator. How that happened is a failure of the German people and its government. They viewed politics as a combination of physical and psychological forces in which they did not want to participate. The Nazis themselves were boisterous as a tactic to confine, eliminate speech and communication and drown the opposition. Nazi opponents who allowed the Nazis to act thusly (yet fund them) forsook rights to communicate opinions, the nature of their expression and demonstrate their presence on Earth. Perhaps it was easier to go to the opera or symphony that night than to stand against Adolph..
Adolph dusted away all gratitude to party adherents as he ascended in the hierarchy. He considered many competing, compelling leaders enemies during the 1920s and early 1930s. They were not the common people; few of them died of old age in their beds. Adolph compelled all Germans to accept Nazi politics after April 1934. He killed a bunch of Nazis during the night of the long knives in June 1934.
Mein Kampf and the Nazi approach to the individual loses the human element. The low-down German is the hero someone who can be idolized. But look closer and those low-down Germans (scum, weaklings, illiterate common people) do not exist. They are ignored. No one in power who wants to deal with such low beings, lowlifes.

Instead, the low-down German is always mentioned and is never identified. He becomes a marketing force on which the Party can concentrate. Yet none of the party policies will benefit the low-down German, except to make his life worse. He is forgotten; he is a loser.
Adolph took power in 1933, and five years later took steps toward War. 1939 Berlin was unlike 1914 Berlin, despite the Nazi hype. In 1914 there was dancing in the streets when War was announced. 1939 Berliners merely went about their business without demonstrating approval.
1945 was a crushing blow to all Germans. Low-down Germans had much company, where the Nazis intended all citizens to be.

The lesson from Adolph and his outcome is elections are like marriages. You may have to live with decisions of another person the remainder of your life. Before trusting anyone with a vote and consenting to policies, study, learn, know, realize and if possible like the individual receiving the vote. Citizens should look at actions and words, not yesterday’s speeches, but last month’s, six months ago, a year back. In Adolph’s case how will he help the average low-down German? Heft, consider and judge everything, and decide. Nothing in Adolph’s record suggested Adolph gave a hoot about any single low-down German.