Everyone wants polite social discourse especially after the Republican congressman was shot. But it’s hard to leave the old ways: In the government sandbox be rude, be offensive and pee but use no plumbing. I’m sure Don Trump got solace from that good Christian woman, defending him and blessing his actions. I bet, though, when Sarah Huckabee is at home, if her kids are as rude and offensive as is the President, she whips them. [Spare the rod, spoil the child is the Proverb modified from 13:24.] In this matter spanking anyone would produce adverse results. The guy’s been spanked before.



It is my perception that every Sunday the cliches for the week in Sports and in Politics change. I suppose this is healthy so we don’t belabor points and we don’t bore ourselves.

SPORTS: Saturday and Sunday are big football days. The focus on certain teams change which means the talents of this player or that defense comes into focus. New is not the cliches used to describe the teams of the week. New is that the cliches are applied to a new set of players, defenses and cities. Few Americans feel left out.

POLITICS:  The cliches change frequently. A set of terms, cliches, are used on the talk shows, and for the remainder of the week, columnists, pundits, letter writers, commentarians, personalities, broadcasters, editorialists and others with public exposure exhaust the discussion of one cliche or another. I do not know what are the upcoming cliches; I don’t want to know what they are. I’m sure by the end of Sunday [today] I will have heard enough of them to wish for a new batch.

However, it will take the politicians [Republicans and Democrats] to digest a whole week’s worth for any of them to sink in.