It is obvious that voter fraud caused Don Trump to lose the state of New York. In his own backyard Don Trump lost his state by 1,500,000 votes. There are 1,500,000 illegal aliens in New York State. It is time for deport all of them. Begin with the Germans and Scotsmen and their descendants because those people are always likely to whine too much.

How poorly did Don Trump do in New York City? In his words how many illegal aliens voted against him in that city?

QUEENS:                                         Hillary 473, 389           Trump: 138,550
KINGS:(Brooklyn)                        Hillary 595, 086           Trump: 133,653
BRONX:                                           Hillary 318,403            Trump: 34,424
NEW YORK CTY (Manhattan)   Hillary 515,481             Trump: 58,935

Trump better begin deporting illegal aliens from New York City including his home borough – Manhattan which voted 9 to 1 against him and including his birth-turf – Queens which voted nearly 4 to 1 against him. Trump may also learn that he is deporting hundreds of tenants from his own buildings.

Deporting must be done elsewhere. San Francisco County in California voted only 9 to 1 for Hillary. About 35,000 persons living in Frisco [all Trump voters live in the part of San Francisco known as Frisco] have to drive to the Sierra Nevada to see a happy, anti-immigrant friendly face behind a Trump lawn sign.


From California, to one state east. At one time Los Angeles was not congested; there was much going on. Now both activity and the press of people bother me. I believe the cause of my reaction is, nothing truly significant is happening in masses of people here; the future seems to repeat the past rather than present something different. However, my dissatisfaction may be represented by the quality of street surfaces. More than 20 percent of the streets in LA need to be dug up, reset and repaved.

Do I expect anything new in Nevada? No, but it is less congested, the streets are newer and better and fewer people are making scenes trying to get themselves noticed. Witness the guy who kissed and otherwise battered Brad Pitt. Did that happen in California? It seems the nonsense filling the news distracts Americans from anything or any work which is important and serious. A lot of that happens in California.

Nevada presents a different scene and culture. Entertainment is part of gambling there, and most of entertainment is live shows. It is a monopoly. I’m not a backstage guy or a career-ending businessman. No one tries to break-into entertainment from Nevada. It is a stop on the way to larger venues. But the headliners are truly excellent performers giving the audience something unique. Anyway, anyone looks at it, though, and no one can easily correct this analysis, the Rat Pack were merely further escapades of the Jerry [Lewis] and Dean [Martin] shows beginning after World War Two. So it is easy and accurate to say audiences can see excellent unique live performances in Nevada.

Do I have qualms about leaving California? Except for travel, I’ve lived here my entire life; most of my novels and stories are set here. It was a great state with 20 million; close and busy at 30 million; crowded and oppressive at 40 million. I don’t want to be here when they finish car pool lanes on a bunch of LA freeways, and the next step will be to Fast Trak each and require everyone to get a Transponder: Pay for the privilege of going 65 mph rather than be part of the truck traffic in the non-paying lanes. If everyone in Southern California cannot see payways rather than freeways are coming, they deserve to live here.

Alas, living in California eliminates the need to travel overseas and across borders. Why go and meet Asians, Latinos or anyone else when many of those people are already neighbors? Many Asian countries have enclaves, cities or regions: Koreatown, Westminister (Vietnamese), San Gabriel Valley (Chinese). It just isn’t east Asia: Armenians (Glendale); Beverly Hills have groups of Iranians. And Latinos, everywhere here from south of the southern border. I feel as though I’ve met many strangers and been immersed in foreign languages without leaving the homestead. Nevada will engage me with something unique: I’ll be the newcomer, and the adjustment for the natives will provide incidences I can observe.