The American people now see the pitiful results of the November election. Don Trump is a human being who lacks a sense of humor and a sense of the ridiculous. Thereby he missed last night’s Correspondents’ Dinner.

It was painfully obvious that humor, ridiculousness and folly were not the traits of human behavior that Hillary Clinton enjoyed. However, her wide exposure trained her to laugh and properly react on cue, however awkwardly. Her laugh occasionally soared uncontrollably, snapping me to attention. My ears were relieved when it ended.

I’ve never seen Don Trump laugh. It is senseless to expect the Presidency to change so basic a behavior. Like Richard Nixon, one can start digging, and no one will ever hear the screams.



It is obvious that voter fraud caused Don Trump to lose the state of New York. In his own backyard Don Trump lost his state by 1,500,000 votes. There are 1,500,000 illegal aliens in New York State. It is time for deport all of them. Begin with the Germans and Scotsmen and their descendants because those people are always likely to whine too much.

How poorly did Don Trump do in New York City? In his words how many illegal aliens voted against him in that city?

QUEENS:                                         Hillary 473, 389           Trump: 138,550
KINGS:(Brooklyn)                        Hillary 595, 086           Trump: 133,653
BRONX:                                           Hillary 318,403            Trump: 34,424
NEW YORK CTY (Manhattan)   Hillary 515,481             Trump: 58,935

Trump better begin deporting illegal aliens from New York City including his home borough – Manhattan which voted 9 to 1 against him and including his birth-turf – Queens which voted nearly 4 to 1 against him. Trump may also learn that he is deporting hundreds of tenants from his own buildings.

Deporting must be done elsewhere. San Francisco County in California voted only 9 to 1 for Hillary. About 35,000 persons living in Frisco [all Trump voters live in the part of San Francisco known as Frisco] have to drive to the Sierra Nevada to see a happy, anti-immigrant friendly face behind a Trump lawn sign.

Meryl Streep

I agree with Meryl Streep’s assessment of an incident that occurred during the 2016 Republican Nominating process nine months ago.

I only ask is why did not the entertainment community object to Don Trump’s characterizations in April 2016? Why did not some other entertainer speak up earlier? Was Ms. Streep the only entertainer offended? Why not speak out before Don Trump secured the nomination? Why not speak out before the election season? Why not speak out during the election season?

Were entertainers dissuaded from speaking out against Don Trump? Democratic Party operatives spread the word that the Democratic candidate, likely Hillary Clinton, would have a better chance of victory against Don Trump, so don’t react or say anything negative about Trump. In 2016 this was the conventional wisdom. Trump will lose as the Republican candidate.

Hillary lost. Don Trump won. Entertainers, save Alex Baldwin, have been silent for too long.


Adolph is devoted to ancient rituals, science and theology. Anthropology declares there are distinctions among nationalities. Although they all look the same, Pole supposedly are Slavs; Germans are Teutons, although their stock came from the Ukraine and central Asia. Note the Germans tribe opposing the Romans during the Classical era moved: the Lombards to Italy, the Franks to France, the Visigoths to Spain. According to Adolph those persons are not German and not even Teutonic. The English became a mix of peoples: Britons, Celts, Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Norsemen.

In Mein Kampf Adolph tells readers only Germans are Germans: “…it is a scaredy conceivable fallacy of thought to believe that a Negro or a Chinese … will turn into a German because he learns German and is willing to speak the German language in the future and perhaps even give his one vote to a German political party. That any such Germanization is in reality a de-Germanization never become clear to our bourgeois national world. For if today, by forcing a universal language on them, obvious differences between different peoples are bridge over and finally effaced, this means the beginning for a bastardization, and hence in our case not a Germanization but a destruction of the German element.” (Page 388, 389; see also, 438-39)

It came to pass that Don Trump trumpeted this favorite passage from Mein Kampf: Persons of Mexican parents were not American, although born in Indiana. All Americans reject Adolph’s view of Neanderthal anthropology. Americans can ask themselves, how have the mongrel populations done in mano-e-mano showdowns against the PURE? Just after Pearl Harbor, Americans believed Americans of Japanese descent were not American. We put most of the West Coast population into concentration camps. How did the Japanese-Americans react? They joined the Army and went to war.

How did the mongrels speaking English, fully accustomed to American life and following American ways do against the race of supermen, racial superior, he-men pure and inbred? No contest: The Japanese-Americans kicked German butts into the fatherland and beyond. The U.S. Army 442 is the most heavily decorated division in army history. The Japanese-Americans affirmed citizenship for themselves and their families 73 years ago, and for other sons from countries and their families contributing to our war efforts.

And Don Trump? He should come into the Twenty-First Century rather than hold and defend social norms and ideals prevalent in American between World War One and Two.


Don Trump is upset that his wife’s photos have been reshopped on the Internet. He is threatening to spill the goods on Heidi Cruz, who will be praying in any photographs. If it comes down to casting aspersions by Don or Heidi, ADVANTAGE to Heidi. She likely knows where all the bodies are buried in the foundations of his buildings.

It does not upset Don Trump that his wife’s photos are rereleased: She’s living proof that 40 is the new 20, and that she, indeed, is a female of the human species.

It bothers Don Trump that he looks like he does. He appears like an orange, fat, old Buddha. Comparing photos, everyone will recognize him for who he is, a dirty old man. (He did say he wanted to date his daughter.) Now everyone has to hear Don Trump grieve, and they will wonder where is the substitute hubby. Can anyone who is beautiful, graceful and calm ever go for an offensive, loud mouthed, abrasive oaf? Does part of Don Trump’s deal making abilities include robbing the cradle, or is there a Pygmalion effect here?

One point must be made for the American people and decency. In the photographs Mrs. Trump wears few clothes. No where should similar photos of Don Trump be published. Instead, he should abide Mark Twain, Clothes make the man. And Twain explained why, Naked people have little or no influence in society.


Everyone was supposed to be nice to everyone else, and mostly they were. This debate was about substance, not scorn or ridicule.

The candidate demonstrating no ability was Don Trump. When asked about Obama’s policies toward Cuba, Don Trump, the deal maker, said he would continue them: “Fifty (50) years of sanctions have not worked.”

Marco Rubio was asked the same question and he did not need a panel of consults as Trump said he would use. Out came the facts and arguments that destroyed Obama and Trump’s positions. [Whether anyone agrees with Rubio or not, he gave reasons.] If was such an orderly presentation of destruction that it seemed like Rubio was numbering them. The first four are 1. free and fair elections in Cuba, 2. promote and support free speech and a free press, 3. eliminate the Cuban security-secret police who are oppressing the Cuban people, 4. free all political prisoners.

While Rubio was marching through his points, Don Trump looked at him; the audience could see no poker face: I wish I could insult Little Marco because he’s making feel like a shrimp right now. But I promised not to. If Rubio insults me, I may have to explain the folds of blubber on my belly, in my brain any why I can’t find anything. I didn’t know Little Marco could count so high. When’s he going to stop?

After Rubio finished, Don Trump got to respond. He said he would negotiate tougher deals: Make sure when the land for the eighteenth hole of the golf course is situated, it is not sloped toward the sea.

Don Trump should agree to no more debates of substance. All debates hold allow a full panoply of insults, schoolyard accusations, unsubstantiated gossip about girlfriends, wives and former wives, and journalists along with ne’er-do-well offspring.


Today Ben Carson, MD, fabulous neurosurgeon, endorsed Don Trump, with a mixed blessing and an unclear evaluation.

Doctor Ben remembered his psychiatric classes from med school (necessary for any neurosurgeon to remember and know) and said Don Trump was a man of two minds. Based upon that statement at this time, the public can come to their own diagnosis of this multi-minded candidate.

There is the public (the first) Don, who is like a soda-jerk who is also the chief yell leader for the football team. The second Don is pensive, reflective and thoughtful.

What to make of the second Don? When he can, the second Don has revealed himself to the American public convincingly. He has difficulty stating full positions, although he states well and strings together topic sentences. Seldom does he utter a paragraph where the sentences are connected with one another any logical fashion. The second Don’s pensiveness, reflection and thoughtfulness arise because he is bewildered, befuddled and gaping. The British would call the second Don, potty.

Of course the American public does not know because it is a secret: Doctor Ben has obtained a grant to observe and to study Don Trump and write a report of this findings. In the end Doctor Ben may find that this enforcement of the second Don means he has actually endorsed Harold Stassen.

During the Miami debate Don Trump said Doctor Ben knew and had lots of good ideas about education. It also sounded like Don Trump would appoint Doctor Ben as Secretary of Education. There is a problem with these supporting words from Don Trump who has promised to eliminate the Department of Education. All the education ideas of Doctor Ben will disappear into the closest paper shredder.

Doctor Ben’s enforcement is full of ambiguity. A mixed enforcement of Don One or the Next Don brings to mind a situation that happened to Benjamin Franklin, while he was the American Diplomatic Corp in Paris during the American Revolutionary War. Franklin found hundreds of young men, second-third sons of nobility and clergymen on his doorstep. Each was looking for rank and privilege in the American Army and war service. Thereafter, each hoped to receive lands, wealth and position. Each man had at least one letter of recommendation (endorsement) from a patron, a nobleman, a churchman, a military superior, or a prince of a place revealed only later in the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.

One Paris afternoon two men arrived on Franklin’s door step, and neither of them had letters of recommendation (endorsements). To Franklin’s further surprise, each man orally recommended there other.

Doctor Ben (like Ben Franklin 230 years ago in Paris) plus the American people must know and understand more before any endorsement carries weight.