Don Trump is now blaming the Mexicans for starting the coronavirus and spreading it by selling Corona beer. The nouns are related; they start with the same six letters. Don knows no verbs. And forget about one inconsistency. The beer is capitalized; the virus is not. It is Don’s plan to make the virus smaller and smaller in print so no one can read of it and it will be forgotten. He’ll blame Mexico.

No one in Don’s family drinks beer so they haven’t gotten the Mexican virus – the Trumps are ripple people. Mexicans, though, are crafty, nefarious people. They’ll go back to work as soon as they can. They don’t like the border wall, refusing to pay for it and now they’re making redneck Americans, some with orange hair, pay and be sick. They offer Corona beer as a virus cure, but the reckless behavior it causes spreads infections. Don Trump is cancelling Cinco de Mayo. Feliz Navidad is in jeopardy, too.

Americans cannot be outdone by the Mexicans, who wear bandannas as face coverings like they are all banditos. Don Trump knows all about this. He saw a movie, the third sequel of THE MAGNIFICENT FIVE. (People can’t venture into nineteenth century Mexico often and expect everyone to come out alive, but Yul Brenner needed the roles.) The next sequel eagerly awaited by Don was in pre-production: The Magnificent Three and a Half. It was going to be a remake of THREE MEN AND A BABY. The powers-to-be wrapped that. However, the concept came back on TV as TWO AND A HALF MEN.

Don Trump believes the Wall will keep the virus out. Kelly Ann said so. She’ll never return to New York City. Don Trump has already departed there to go to a hot spot, Mira-a-Lago where every blade of grass on the golf course festers coronavirus. The virus becomes active then Don Trump drives off road, or off the beaten path, which he frequently does because Don always plays from the rough. Don Trump is reconsidering the move. There is no coronavirus at the Trump Yukon course where the President’s boys, Eric and Don, (also known as the two Fredos, no movie in pre-production) like to shoot mice. (Ever see the excellent movie, NEVER CRY WOLF?) The advantage of the Yukon development is it is farther from Mexico.

Too little, too late

I’m late with this comment, but Trump at the Taj Mahal in India went beyond irony, into ridiculousness. He’s wandering around wondering, how did I get it so wrong.

It’s the same problem he has with the coronovirus. Too little, take credit for nothing done.The Chinese have been playing fast and loose with the facts around the new infection, and Trump and his Wall Street Big Wigs and Cronies have been repeating Chinese lies.

Remember Don, about games and infections, it ain’t over until it’s over.


Late night on cable TV and I had just awakened. I wanted to sleep another three hours and give myself a solid eight hours.

I surfed, trying to find a movie giving a story like I was being read to. I came across a movie by Stormy Daniels – producing, directing and acting – and thought this might be newsworthy.

At best it was soft-core. Someone tried writing a script of poor dialogue and crummy action: “Hi, how are you?” “What are you doing?” (like the camera can’t show that) “You look great [tired] [harried] [used] today.(like the camera can’t show that).”  The title of the movie was Sexquarian, an attempt to tell about horse competitions, persons, corruptions and jumping two-feet fences while trotting a pony around a lawn. Of course the horses aren’t the heroes, and no one ever kisses her horse. No animal cruelty allowed.

No use wondering about sex. Men were in long conversations together. They looked like they had stepped from a jungle after 20 years, or they had just been released from prison. There were big muscles but no finesse. The talks came to nothing. Women also talked about horses, men and issues of the day. Nothing simpatico came from those conversations either: The story had indiscernible twists, turns and nothing noteworthy. 

Toward the end a competitor tried drugging Stormy’s horse. The perpetrator, a cowhand for a rich guy, got tossed on the ground, the extent of the fight. Next came the denouement, a woman, purportedly Stormy on the competition course (no close-ups) and her entourage was applauding each jump. Later in the Tack room there were ribbons, blue, red and silver (one each), harnesses but no saddles, and nothing else. 

The big moment, Stormy’s close up: A male player came in for congradulations, and Stormy lost some clothes. There were close shots. Everything looked manufactured. She has a 42 inch waist, larger wheel-wells and the fabrication on top. I now know why Don Trump stopped seeing her. Were they fake, or did they say Made In China? But something is completely wrong. He made a bad deal. He paid $130,000.00!


Yesterday old Pat has called for an American reevaluation and withdrawal from NATO. Russian ain’t a threat – totalitarian government, invasions of Georgia, Crimea and Ukraine, violations of the anti-ballistic missile treaties, poisoning of opponents living overseas, killing members of the opposition within Russia, interfering in elections in the West. It’s a goon country. 

All that is fine with Pat. Pat was big when he was Old Dick Nixon’s chief screw in the 1970s. Pat is that far out of date, equally manifested when Pat relies on George Kennan. George Kennan set FDR straight about the Soviet Union, didn’t he Pat?  Nixon himself was a communist. He embarked on policies which allowed the Soviet Union and Red China to succeed and expand, all the while weakening the United States. 

Now Pat wants to follow Don Trump and his BFF, Vlad Putin. Putin wants to do away with security arrangements which have kept Europe at peace for three-quarters of  a century and have delivered prosperity to most citizens. What does Don get out of dissolving the American-European security arrangements? Money plus he gets to build an ugly hotel in Moscow, his wet dream of this decade. Pat gets a government job where he can crawl, cower, slink and grovel before powerful men like he did with Old Dick. Vlad gets to be more aggressive and intimating with the Europeans each who has the backbone of a chocolate eclairs. 

Meanwhile if Don and Pat succeed in order to gain their silly goals, the Atlantic Ocean will not protect the United States. For a third time the United States will be forced to defend and cross it to bring peace to the world.


After Vlad Putin’s once-a-year press conference of last week, the headline read: Don’t underestimate the threat of nuclear war. 

Does Vlad Putin believe he can intimate the United States by threatening nuclear war? He’s a moron. He should take lessons from the Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, whose connections with the United Staes are more likely to lead to a peaceful East Asia in the future.

Vlad Putin’s first misunderstanding is the history of Russia. His communist predecessors, in charge of the Soviet Union, wrote two constitutions, each which made the union of the 15 republics voluntary: Fifteen (15) republics made up the Soviet Union because the communists had a nationalities problem; the Soviet Union was not an imperialistic power. Each republic, more or less, represented a nationality. The constitution was in force until the Communist Party collapsed in 1991. HOWEVER, Vlad Putin assets the union of the 15 republics was compulsory, and under the Pan-Slavism ideas of Vlad Putin, picked up from the Czars and the Nineteenth Century, Russia is the only leader of all the Republics. 

Following the constitution of the Soviet Union, when the Soviet Union ended, those republics became independent nations. They have been independent since 1991. However, Vlad Putin believes Russian has the right to conquer the 14 independent nations which were once involuntarily joined to the Soviet Union. When other nations of the world object and react, Vlad Putin threatens nuclear war.

What’s the position of Don Trump? He has none except he wants to build a Hotel by Don in Moscow.

Nuclear war will end life on earth. Old Vlad Putin likely believes that Russia is so large they can burrow deep enough into the earth to save the Russian leadership. After the bombs go off, clouds will form from ash, debris, radiation and everything else. It would be a nuclear winter. The average temperature on earth will fall at least 15 degrees, perhaps 20 degrees or more. It make take ten years or longer to get a sun-shinny day somewhere on earth.

It was reported a while ago that a Russian said the best way to attack the United States with nuclear weapons would be hit the super volcano at Yellowstone. Bombing Yellowstone will cause more damage, certainly. Americans will not be around to see it. Along with nuclear winter there would be a volcanic winter. Temperatures on earth can drop 35-40 degrees for ten years or longer. Yellowstone is not the only super volcano on earth. If others are nuked, temperatures could drop 60 or more degrees for a longer period of time. Nobody would survive on the surface of the earth. 

Add another mishap like a meteor or a comet hitting the earth around 2030, and everyone on this orb would be toast or a popsicle. 

Would Old Vlad Putin be happy in his man-cave? Old Vlad is reputed to be an outdoor’s man who likes photo-ops of himself shirtless. He is in his late Sixties. By the time it’s safe to come to the surface, he will be long dead. But it will not be a happy old age. He’s likely to commit suicide, if he’s lucky.

The last huge eruption of a super volcano was about 75,000 years ago, in Indonesia – Toba. It was a slow night, watching TV when I heard about this event. I believe the narrator said at the end of the volcanic winter there were 30 human females on earth who were capable of reproducing. 

In the movie Doctor Strangelove Americans in the War Room learn of the Russian ultimate weapon which will poison the surface of the earth for 93 years. Doctor Strangelove (Peter Sellers) says man can live in caves and mines until life on the surface is safe. To insure there would be enough Americans, there should be at least ten women for each man. General Turgidson (George C. Scott) likes that ratio. President Merkin Muffley is dismayed.

Doctor Strangelove got the gender correct. Any long term fallout/bomb shelter would quickly become, setting aside issues of mental health, a nursery for screaming kids, bunches of high energy brats, morose, moody teenagers and know-all young adults. If the kids don’t kill the old male leadership, the women will.     

On Pitcairn Island (circa 1793) the Tahitian men killed most of the while men, and to avenge their husbands, the Tahitian women killed the Tahitian men. It became a matriarchic society. If the men killed a child of a woman in the shelter, it is likely that the women would band together and kill all the older adult men: No more deaths of children.

Perhaps after a nuclear war and nuclear, volcanic and meteoric winters, plus if the bombs and radiation don’t goof the chemistry of the atmosphere, the ozone layer and the earth’s magnetic field remains in place, women will rule the earth and there will be peace on earth. 

Start over – that might be a goal to shoot for.  



  1. Jeff wears no makeup. Don is a painted man.

2.      Jeff has an imagination in business. Don is not a dreamer.

3.      Jeff looks ahead to the future. Don misunderstands the past.

4.     Jeff represents truth, justice and American business. Don is a Queenie.

5.     Jeff can write a check for a billion dollars. Don owes creditors a billion dollars.

6.    Jeff employs thousands of human beings. Don has fired scores of employees.

7.    Jeff is proposing a solution for health care. Don needs solutions for his health care.

8.    Jeff owns The Washington Post. Don is a source of fake news.

9.    Jeff has a retail site selling many products. Don’s imported trademarked products are found discounted at Ross, Marshalls, T.J. Max and Goodwill.

10.  Jeff can buy clothes off the rack. Don needs a bolt of material to make a suit.

11.  Mrs. Jeff sells books on the Internet. Mrs. Don has many free photographs on the Internet.

These reasons and more are why Don hates Jeff.


A confidentiality agreement is a promise to keep something private, or a pledge to keep something private.

Stormy Daniels signed a 2016 confidentiality agreement supposedly prepared by an attorney representing candidate Don Trump. Trump did not sign; the attorney, a non-party to the agreement, did not sign. The attorney advanced $130,000 of his own money to pay Daniels. Don Trump and his minions now claim the candidate did not know of the agreement with Stormy Daniels; Trump has not repaid the attorney for advancing the money. The reasons to disclaim knowledge of the agreement and of the money appears campaign finance law violations.

Under these facts a third party, the attorney, is trying to interpose a confidentiality agreement on Daniels (1) which has been disclaimed by the principal on other side, (2) which was never executed by the principal on the other side and (3) an executed fully enforceable agreement presents a prima facie case of a crime.

Stormy Daniels’ situation is like circumstances of victims, suspects, and law enforcement, on one hand, and internet companies and computer/telecommunication companies, on the other hand. The so-called electronic privacy agreements between the Internet/computer companies and suspects who commit crimes is the same as Stormy and the attorney. The Agreements drafted by Internet/Computer companies can be modified at will by the drafting parties e.g. Apple Computer routinely grants the Chinese government any access it wants. Consideration can be gone. Yet some Internet/Computer companies assert the right to keep secret the actions which may constitute an obstruction of justice; or they be aid the commission of the crime and be an ancillary after the fact; or they may interfere with an investigation, or they may lie to law enforcement. [When a person omits to disclose pertinent facts which are known or easily available to a person, individual or corporation, that is lying and may be a crime.] These omissions may arise in a number of circumstances: After a police shooting when the cops circle the wagons against investigators; when someone with foreign help (government or organization) commits a crime within this country; when an American kills another American and interposes an electronic privacy agreement.

Most Americans know what privacy is: home, family, talking. Benjamin Franklin warned (paraphrased) The only way a secret can be kept among three persons is for two of them to die. If something needs to be private don’t tell anyone. However, relying on agreements prepared by third parties which may not be executed, or is changed or violated at the whim of the drafting party, means there is no privacy at all.


Now that Pres Don has gotten rid of competent, intelligent white guys, individuals who have done something with life and prospered, unlike himself, he’s going for the retreads of the second string.

Larry Kudlow, new Director of the National Economic Council, is of CNBC fame where Don had his TV show. Larry wasn’t as big a person as Don; he’ll never be exposed to the elements on the Hollywood Walk of Fame i.e. the homeless. Both Larry and Don believe the homeless are using the tax cuts to bilk millions from the government from favorable programs handing out dough. How else, could the homeless live in such an exclusive neighborhood?

These attributes fit Larry’s behavior when giving advice on TV: Angry rich man complaining the United States government taxes him to give money to the poor. He sounds like and is as current as George Bush proposing economic prosperity, the lift of a driving dream. WRONG POLICIES! Larry’s a very retro guy: Let’s Make America Great Again Like It Was During The 1920s. That decade finished well, didn’t it?

John Bolton, new National Security Advisor, looks like a walrus, with a white lip. Give him a uniform, narrow his mustache and he looks like someone else. He also sounds like that person: Adamant, right and righteous, hard, and opinionated based upon faith and fibs.

Both men have had stints in government, and no one in government hired either of them later for any position of responsibility. But each stuck around getting whatever exposure was available – CNBC, Fox News, Fox Business and mail solicitations. Bolton had a petty foundation he was the face card for, and once a month, bi-weekly and sometimes weekly envelopes arrived with cant writings inside expounding political and social positions edging toward totalitarianism. The only benefit a right minded, red blooded American got from Bolton was observing in the photographs that Bolton was getting gray. (Kudlow is mostly bald.)

The big advantage that Don Trump has over Bolton and Kudlow – they are lower on the food chain. Neither has Don Trump’s girth, 400 pounds of flab. Each is relatively trim ready to wear second-hand, empty suits. They are names, sometimes recognizable, unrespected, timeless and each has fallen into Don’s event horizon. The best that can be said about each man: When Don fires them, no one will know they are gone.


Tom Steyer, billionaire speculator, made loads of money disregarding climate change by investing in coal and fossil fuels and ripping off Americans by using tax laws for the rich. Steyer believes he is all right and now purified! He’s moved to San Fran. He is running ads why Don Trump should be impeached. Steyer’s impressions of Trump are not grounds for impeachment. They may support arguments and inferences of Trump’s abysmal judgment, his everlasting proneness to gross distortion and proof of the large vacuity where his brain ought to be, but grounds for impeachment?

In the ads Steyer features himself as the good advocate. In 2009 Trump featured himself as a searcher for truth with the birther issue. Trump claims to have forced the state of Hawaii to produce Barrack Obama’s birth certificate. If it had been produced immediately, there would have been no Don Trump. But Trump took a sliver of notoriety, added a game show, ran for President and won.

Steyer features himself on the same path, except in the end he will have no document saying Trump was born in the USA. Trump is a Queenie. Thanks to Trump we have learned Obama was born in Hawaii, and always was. Steyer says Don Trump has conspired, colluded and combined with a foreign power, the Ruskies. Saying something does not prove it. Steyer’s ad campaign is no more effective than the RIGHT-WING AMERICANS erecting billboards during the 1960s: IMPEACH EARL WARREN.

Steyer should stop the ads and prove one impeachment charge. Try loans to Trump, his children, his businesses, his business associates, his son-in-law, his son-in-law’s family by Russians, Russian banks, the Russian government, or anyone in Cypress. This is a financial detective investigation. Although certain statutes and regulations may prevent an investigation within the United States of America, those laws and rules do not extend beyond our borders. Palms frequently get greased, overseas.

Steyer knows this. No one makes a billion dollars after taxes and does not know the ways of money in the world or how to use it. A proper investigation producing evidence (dates, documents, times, places, assets) may cost 10, 20 or $50,000,000. Come on, Tom. Break open the piggy bank! If Steyer does not want to do it himself, there are plenty of underemployed lawyers who would with hourly payments. Steyer knows this. He can do his best, but is too cheap. Will Steyer’s tax evasion schemes in which he is participating be exposed?

Perhaps Steyer is now distracted. He has lost interest in politics. Or he’s getting married, divorced, changing relationships or has to move because he lives in the sinking Millennium Tower embedded in a foundation of sand, set in a city of progressivism prone to earthquakes. Or, he might want to begin a start-up, a pot growing operation in the fire area of Sonoma County – help the tax base!


In the draft of the film script, The Lady Eve, which Preston Surges handed to Barbara Stanwyck read on the pages where she and her father watched Henry Fonda, the mark, come aboard:

JEAN [Stanwyck]
,,,and I hope he’s got a big fat wife so I don’t
have to dance in the moonlight with him. I don’t
know why it is but a sucker always steps on your

COL. H [Father]
(looking over rail)
And is a mug about everything.

I don’t see why I have to do all the dirty work…
There must be plenty of rich old dames just
waiting for you to push them around.

You find them and I’ll push them.

Boy, would I like to see you giving some old
harpy the three-in-one.

Don’t be vulgar, Jean. Let us be crooked but
not common.

(Axel Madsen, Stanwyck, Harper Collins, NY, 1994, p. 189.) A Brooklyn girl, Stanwyck, knew every vulgar term and could use each appropriately. She never did.

But last week we had Anthony Scaramucci mouth off, vulgarly, in the most ordinary, common ways showing no class, no education, of awareness or propriety, morals, ethics and comportment. Being a street thug was good enough.

Living the low life of a ground crawler was surprising to Scaramucci’s boss, Don Trump, and he was upset that Scaramucci upstaged him: Fire Scaramucci, who may now be mooching in his infamy and notoriety. Don Trump is on vacation.