Tom Steyer, billionaire speculator, made loads of money disregarding climate change by investing in coal and fossil fuels and ripping off Americans by using tax laws for the rich. Steyer believes he is all right and now purified! He’s moved to San Fran. He is running ads why Don Trump should be impeached. Steyer’s impressions of Trump are not grounds for impeachment. They may support arguments and inferences of Trump’s abysmal judgment, his everlasting proneness to gross distortion and proof of the large vacuity where his brain ought to be, but grounds for impeachment?

In the ads Steyer features himself as the good advocate. In 2009 Trump featured himself as a searcher for truth with the birther issue. Trump claims to have forced the state of Hawaii to produce Barrack Obama’s birth certificate. If it had been produced immediately, there would have been no Don Trump. But Trump took a sliver of notoriety, added a game show, ran for President and won.

Steyer features himself on the same path, except in the end he will have no document saying Trump was born in the USA. Trump is a Queenie. Thanks to Trump we have learned Obama was born in Hawaii, and always was. Steyer says Don Trump has conspired, colluded and combined with a foreign power, the Ruskies. Saying something does not prove it. Steyer’s ad campaign is no more effective than the RIGHT-WING AMERICANS erecting billboards during the 1960s: IMPEACH EARL WARREN.

Steyer should stop the ads and prove one impeachment charge. Try loans to Trump, his children, his businesses, his business associates, his son-in-law, his son-in-law’s family by Russians, Russian banks, the Russian government, or anyone in Cypress. This is a financial detective investigation. Although certain statutes and regulations may prevent an investigation within the United States of America, those laws and rules do not extend beyond our borders. Palms frequently get greased, overseas.

Steyer knows this. No one makes a billion dollars after taxes and does not know the ways of money in the world or how to use it. A proper investigation producing evidence (dates, documents, times, places, assets) may cost 10, 20 or $50,000,000. Come on, Tom. Break open the piggy bank! If Steyer does not want to do it himself, there are plenty of underemployed lawyers who would with hourly payments. Steyer knows this. He can do his best, but is too cheap. Will Steyer’s tax evasion schemes in which he is participating be exposed?

Perhaps Steyer is now distracted. He has lost interest in politics. Or he’s getting married, divorced, changing relationships or has to move because he lives in the sinking Millennium Tower embedded in a foundation of sand, set in a city of progressivism prone to earthquakes. Or, he might want to begin a start-up, a pot growing operation in the fire area of Sonoma County – help the tax base!



A bad summer for the slogan-and-product boys.
GR LOANS: They have a middle-aged white guy who’s doing a little boy, cartoon stucke. Yeah, I always wanted to get a mortgage from someone who sounds like Elmer Fudd.
TD AMERITRADE: I’ll never be as dumb as the guy with the Sixties wardrobe. He had a big mustache, unkempt curly hair and a work shirt. I don’t know what role he’s supposed to play except walk into a white collar office. In one ad he is the guy carrying what appears to be a large black and white TV from the Fifties. He’s helped by a person opposite him. This blue color spokesman is an idiot, a moron and an imbecile. He does not have the marbles to put the TV on a trolley and singlehandedly wheel it into the room.
T-MOBILE: This company now offers unlimited service for four lines at $40 per month per line; the total bill is $160. I guess the owner is someone sort of cool guy on the Internet and in the cyber world. I have three lines, unlimited service, for $70.00 a month. Do I have to pay $90 for coolness and for the spokesman’s snide smile?
AUDI or MERCEDES: The German have eight or ten cars rolling through a neighborhood like they are Leopard tanks, interrupting children’s play, distracting fathers who are gardening and alarming pedestrians. The ad and the car produced an unwanted flashback: When I was five years old I was hit by a car in my neighborhood and was stuck in a hospital for six weeks.


It’s a big day, an opportunity to change jobs, except everything that was said since summer 2015 belies every advocacy made today. He’s a politician, through and through, a member of the Eastern political establishment – relationships, bribes, corruption – he knows how to make those deals. He even wrote a book about the DEAL. Other candidates for the nomination have pointed to shifts in position, what is said now, and what was said two months ago – six months ago – a year ago – three years ago – five years ago – eight years ago when he was a Democrat. What job is he seeking? He is lying and a liar.

He supported and voted for the Democratic nominee for president. If anyone is consistent, it is she. On the other hand, he is fickle, jumpy, nervous and uncertain, like he has Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. I don’t mind calling him a weakling and being critical of his disability. There is no political correctness. There is either a physical cause or it’s mental: Weak memory, poor principles, inadequate learning, jumbled logic and muddled and addled thinking. In Britain they would say he was potty.

Nobody dare ask him where he is and where he’s doing. It’s painfully obvious when questions of policy come up. He is at a loss, answering in assorted and random cliches. Get out the Atlas and show him where Vietnam is. That’s a country he wanted to avoid militarily and in foreign policy.

The big game plan, because politics is so much like sports, is to go to TV commercials now. He has to distance himself from the people, make his divine soundings widespread across the boob tube. To tell the truth he has tired of meeting cows in Iowa – he’s never met a cow he hasn’t eaten. He’s tired of meeting maple trees in New Hampshire. For all that the American people know of TV (the idiot box), they knew screen time is fake, except for Americans running out and buying cars on impulse after watching one minute commercials where the automobile performs devised road feats. These are the same Americans who wonder why food in restaurant commercials does not look the same as when it is presented to them in restaurants.

The advertisements try to link together cliches by using images (pictures). Show Africans in Morocco running in one direction. Claim willingness to solve immigration problems into the USA by showing sprinting Moroccans. [They may be going to Walmart for discount TVs.] The candidate is telling Americans – “Good out and buy that car. Eat in that restaurant.” The justification for the pictorial deceit: America is becoming a Third World Country, the subliminal message: “Too many minorities.” The candidate’s real message is unintended and one he, himself, cannot stomach – the Moroccans are physically fit, unlike himself and many Americans.

FORWARD. Most Americans recognize FORWARD as the promotional, advertising slogan of MSNBC.

But they do not know what most Europeans know. FORWARD was the primary order of the Wehrmacht, Hitler’s Army, when German soldiers were killing women, children and the elderly. For instance, “Think forward, look forward, ride forward,” was the order of the day given to the German 1st Cavalry Division crossing into the Netherlands on May 10, 1940.

Forward was also on orders given to the Wehrmacht invading Russia on June 22, 1941.

See Yeide, Harry, FIGHTING PATTON, Zenith Press, Minneapolis, 2011, p. 60, 104.

The Nazis used FORWARD beyond military orders. On German Memorial Day, March 10, 1940, a newspaper headline read, OVER THE GRAVES FORWARD. see William L. Shirer, Berlin Diary, NY, Knopf, 1941, p. 296.

MSNBC should end its Wehrmacht slogan and apologize to the human race and specifically those who suffered under and who fought the Nazis.