It is obvious that voter fraud caused Don Trump to lose the state of New York. In his own backyard Don Trump lost his state by 1,500,000 votes. There are 1,500,000 illegal aliens in New York State. It is time for deport all of them. Begin with the Germans and Scotsmen and their descendants because those people are always likely to whine too much.

How poorly did Don Trump do in New York City? In his words how many illegal aliens voted against him in that city?

QUEENS:                                         Hillary 473, 389           Trump: 138,550
KINGS:(Brooklyn)                        Hillary 595, 086           Trump: 133,653
BRONX:                                           Hillary 318,403            Trump: 34,424
NEW YORK CTY (Manhattan)   Hillary 515,481             Trump: 58,935

Trump better begin deporting illegal aliens from New York City including his home borough – Manhattan which voted 9 to 1 against him and including his birth-turf – Queens which voted nearly 4 to 1 against him. Trump may also learn that he is deporting hundreds of tenants from his own buildings.

Deporting must be done elsewhere. San Francisco County in California voted only 9 to 1 for Hillary. About 35,000 persons living in Frisco [all Trump voters live in the part of San Francisco known as Frisco] have to drive to the Sierra Nevada to see a happy, anti-immigrant friendly face behind a Trump lawn sign.


Meryl Streep

I agree with Meryl Streep’s assessment of an incident that occurred during the 2016 Republican Nominating process nine months ago.

I only ask is why did not the entertainment community object to Don Trump’s characterizations in April 2016? Why did not some other entertainer speak up earlier? Was Ms. Streep the only entertainer offended? Why not speak out before Don Trump secured the nomination? Why not speak out before the election season? Why not speak out during the election season?

Were entertainers dissuaded from speaking out against Don Trump? Democratic Party operatives spread the word that the Democratic candidate, likely Hillary Clinton, would have a better chance of victory against Don Trump, so don’t react or say anything negative about Trump. In 2016 this was the conventional wisdom. Trump will lose as the Republican candidate.

Hillary lost. Don Trump won. Entertainers, save Alex Baldwin, have been silent for too long.


In the movie Primary Colors (Bill Clinton’s 1992 Campaign) is a scene about doing adverse research about Bill and women. Emma Thompson plays Hillary; Billy Bob Thornton plays James Carville.

They meet in a basement room. Billy Bob poses, “Suppose you’re into woods with your pants down, and you realize you’re facing a wild boar…” Emma immediately understands what the conversation is about. Billy Bob: “We want to know how many boars are out there.” Emma: “Do it!”

The grieving, weeping and blaming about the 650,000 emails made known in late October 2016 is perplexing. The documents came from a computer controlled by a trusted aide of Hillary. When the server-email story broke and in March 2015, and subpoenas were issued, what did Hillary’s team do? Look at all the computers? Check all email accounts? Survey the extend of the problem?

NO, there were so many boars racing around the woods that the Clinton campaign was blindsided in late October 2016 while flying on a plane without wifi.

Anyone reviewing files and emails would have come across the 650,000 emails, and read, reviewed and listed them as an internal document of the campaign. Note the computers and emails were not destroyed; they were under subpoena; the authorities just had to pick them up. It was reported that this computer was known about by the FBI (and supposedly the Clinton campaign) for two months before the release. It is likely the Clinton campaign knew about this computer and its contents long before August 2016.

What reaction should the Clinton Campaign have had to the announcement of 650,000 new emails? What follows is my suggestion for a statement provided the boar hunt or a census had been undertaken:

We’ve known about this computer. We preserved the emails on it. We’ve held it
for FBI pick-up for a year.
We do not know why the FBI is claiming the 650,000 emails are brand new;
The FBI has known about it since ______.
The computer is Anthony Weiner’s. It is his primary computer.
We looked at all email accounts on this computer. Here is what we found:
450,000 emails predate Secretary Clinton’s term as Secretary of State.
150,000 emails post-date Secretary Clinton’s term as Secretary of State.
47,000 emails appear to originate from Anthony Weiner
2000 emails which don’t refer to Hillary come from Huma
1000 emails refer to Hillary Clinton with the primary subjects being
Chelsea’s marriage; arrival times, books read, writing manuscripts,
health, scheduling, etc.
None of the emails on this computer from this account discussed actions, decisions, meetings or opinions of HRC or the office of Secretary of State.

Upon being blindsided, it would have been best if the Clinton campaign tried to come as clean as it could. Give this sort of summary or table of contents. Don’t let the other side characterize them: 650,000 emails is ten times as many emails that Hillary gave to the State Department. Reporters were probably looking through the 650,000 wondering how Hillary arranged for the Chicago Cubs to get into and win the World Series, when Comey said there was nothing of importance in this batch of emails.

Alas, in the end, it appears that the Clinton campaign did not look for boars in the woods. They were not ready.


Professors, con men and Trump’s uneducated supporters all want to know what was to be taught at Trump University. The big orange man has followed advice from one of his favorite mentors. “..the curriculum…. [of most schools] is a mongrel; in many cases the material to be learned in the various subjects is so swollen that only a fraction remains in the head of the individual pupil, and only a fraction of this abundance can find application…” Fragments of course descriptions from this newly created university have now been found and are published here for the first time.

Cleaning and shinning.
Anyone who has barfed into a toilet bowl knows the difference.
Cleaning: Establish that the surface is 100 percent, finger licking, palate cleansing tasty.
Shinning: Learn how to use the waste and excrement to enhance brightness so the
bowl is suitable for toilet licking crawlers.
Products that clean.
Products that shine.

Best products to survive in this natural disaster are wood and brush. Anyone ever hear of an Indian getting killed in an earthquake?

Indians get killed during earthquakes when they fall into cracks of the earth which open
up. Indians in Indonesia fall into cracks. Don Trump has seen it in the movies.

As many Indians have fallen into cracks in the Earth during earthquakes as there were
Muslims dancing in the streets of New Jersey on September 11, 2001. From that New
Jersey TV show, all Americans know that no one, Muslims or otherwise in that state, can dance.

Employees must eat. Look at Don Trump. He’s never missed a meal, a snack or a free donut. Have a room of vending machines, but only one microwave. Have plenty of chips and fructose sodas with caffeine – no use being politically correct about diet. Call fat, fat, not adipose. It’s done a lot for Don Trump. He’s sculpted with blubber. Charge for all the vending machine foods because no one wants to hire and provide health care for people who weight more than an manatee.

Spend the most money on appearance, especially the outside of the building. A big sign with polished, blinding lights is alluring. Students will enter and explore hoping and believing glamour is big at the school, whereas the buildings are left-over quonset huts from World War Two. [It is easy to date those structures. The linoleum floors always warp at the same rate after 40 years.] But students, with an eye for glitz, kitsch, and bling never look down(and if they do they don’t believe their eyes).
Don Trump could not work without elevators. Spare no expense on them. When a firm has a loud-mouth, tub of lard, ball of fat, obese razorback, it needs a big box to lift that heft. Offset that girth by hiring pretty young things who weigh nothing because they are airheads. Don’t buy and use old equipment. It always breaks down, and it is impossible to leave by the escape holes. You’re stuck. Don Trump once was in an elevator, and he missed lunch and his warm milk and cookie afternoon snack brainfood. He fired his butler that day when he ate it.

Always wear clothes when closing a real estate deal, and never offer anyone the shirt off your back. Don Trump did that once because he owed money to the creep – it was that or hitchhike home. He now goes to Goodwill and buys cheap clothes and give those as shirts off his back. Women laughed at Don Tump that entire afternoon until a new shirt, made overseas someplace, came. He did not think he was funny. It was sexist! A girl he knew lost her pants and panties at the Woodstock Festival; she hitchhiked home without them and wearing nothing. No one laughed at her.

Don Trump has to be hands on to teach women everything they know. How to be polite, pleasant and participatory in all situations. What to do to stop bleeding from orifices. Women have to learn to become hostesses, how to serve refreshments, how to wear make up [a subject Don Trump is expert about]. There are women who show up with all the proper attributes. Don Trump calls them squeeze bunnies.

Don Trump went to a militaristic, teutonic high school; he sympathizes with our veterans. His first policy initiative: Hand out lollipops. Sucking on hard candy in high school was so soothing, just like Mommy’s thumb. There was no PDST. He also felts like a transvestite or sometimes transgender. He wore and now wears more make up than those people do. He sometimes mix sexes. But he wants people to choose and identify themselves. He can’t make up his own mind. People have to tell who they are like Laverne of Laverne & Shirley. Laverne always wore an L on her top which could also represent lesbian.

Sell parcels and acreage of land that are not close to streets and roads. Showing it off by helicopter is best, especially if there’s a little two-laner in the distance that can be overused to develop an isolated tract. Don Trump believed this theory, and he did not know how much he was correct. Don Trump sold land for a far away getaway in nowhere to a stupid Mexican who did not know what he was doing. Don Trump made a profit. It was the second of two islands, stars in the sea. Since oil had taken a downturn, the Mexican hired drillship to bring in construction equipment and supplies. In six months he built 40 homes and created 20 other lots, homes in paradise, solar powered with enough water. He built a sea wall to stop global warming. Mexicans really know how to build walls and other things. The Mexican tripled his money in a year, but he had no imagination. There’s no golf course so the place is not first class.

They are needed to stop something stupid you’re doing, and begin being refouled. I’ve tried to begin refreshed but it always smelt, and I don’t like to admit I’m wrong. I’m left dragging a sagging heritage of mush and trying to avoid the pitfalls that stinks up the campaign. Don Trump knows how to speak Mexican – burrito, taco, enchilada. That should satisfy everyone who’s going to build the wall. Don Trump can speak Canadian – Canuck and Potassic fertilizer. Every Canadian sings about such words. Although Don Trump will be refouled with his Reset, the Canadians will send a new supply of rapeseeds so he can mouth-off more.


Talk is cheap. This is true but never admit it. Talk can be expensive. Suppose a house is appraised during a divorce (Don Trump had had two divorces so he knows what he is talking about. There will be a third if Heidi Klum or Megyn Kelly show up.) During the appraisal Don Trump greeted the idiot appraiser, and talked down the property making it worthless. Only devalue the property if you’re going to receive it.
Talking is the most effective way to persuade. Don’s most favorite political adviser notes:
Particularly the broad masses of the people can be moved only by the power of speech. And all great movements are popular movements, stirred either by the cruel Goddess of Distress or by the firebrand of the word hurled among the masses; they are not the lemonade-like outpourings of literary aesthetes and drawing room heroes.
Only a storm of hot passion can turn the destinies of peoples, and he along can arouse passion who bears it within himself.
It alone gives its chosen one the words which like hammer blows can open the gates to the heart of the people.


Message to all the “Republican” elites throwing in for Hillary, boasting they’ll stay home instead of vote because their particular weakened good ol’ boy is not the GOP nominee (the R.A.T.s suffering chappedass because their power and purse are threatened by the grassroots movement to destroy their failed politics-as-usual). These lines of foolishness come from Sarah Palin yesterday or today.

Chappedass is a word new to me. Anyone with a chapped butt is pathetic. This word in these times comes from Sarah Palin who apparently is suffering from chappedass from her family – it’s has been a long haul being cooped up with the family and relatives over the Alaskan Winter. Rats in the septic tank haven’t helped. The local police reports sometimes makes the national news. Fox News has not rehired her. This year Sarah Palin has made a break, dodged everyone and abandoned the losers. She’s sprouting a tan.

There is no reason why other Americans should suffer from chapped ass, more than usual, by voting for the wrong guy as President. Admittedly this man has money, yet he speaks like he’s a drug user: grass speed, acid was the refrain he heard when young, and he speaks like grass, speed and aside are now affecting him. I hope that tennis serving machine on his court is served by a unsecured server than an insecure server.

Americans don’t need to get chappedass in any greater intensities. Americans are already getting it from their children. Just as Sarah.


Campaign 2016. Raise an issue as a headline. One headline is USA debt. It’s a lot. Everyone knew that long before the election began. Next headline, change tax plans.

One bloated mind is unwilling and incapable of speaking intelligently about anything beyond repetition. The reason for lack of understanding is the bloated brain has a head of air – yes, the good old airhead. This candidate says he’s huge, read bloated.

The airhead fumbles while trying to amplify the headline, but no use listening. No use repeating the same thing, again, again, and again, three times in a minute. The public needs facts to be repeated. They don’t need to be a laughing stock and corrected by Democrats in their company when they repeat the party line: I was critical of women because no painted ladies smiled my way. The public needs facts, logic and reason rather than the lies, obstinacy and misstatement of a bloated old airhead.

Many candidates talk to citizens presenting their cases why they should be nominated as the party’s candidate. They don’t rely on headlines, on cliches, slogans, folk sayings and homilies. They discuss policies and programs and explain why one approach is better than another. In this way politicians reveal themselves as human beings. But the bloated airhead has ordered people from campaign events: “Get her out of here. I know she’s a ten and justifiably evaluates my misuse of cosmetics, my over-use of hair spray, my donning ill-fitting clothes and my carrying excess blubber.” (“I’m frustrated. After Christmas I couldn’t get into my clothes. They had to be taken out and more material needed tailoring because I overate and gained 20 pounds. I hate to exercise. My double chin became bigger and bigger obliterating the double chin and becoming an extra neck, like I’m storing snacks there.”)

The bloated airhead has never felt more confident. All his sycophants drool over his every move. Everyone knows his name, and no one trusts him. Everyone knows Hilary, and no one trusts her, either. Everyone has an idea who Bill and Hilary are, but no one knows who the hell the bloated airhead is. The American people may have to spring for the devil they know rather than the terror lurking in and descending from some far away, high up executive suit: Every day he demonstrates he hates people; he detests critics; he loathes criticism; he only likes to talk to people who are elites; he likes persons around him who say yes to every whim; he does not listen; he knows the headline for everything or something close but knows no details, specifics or background knowledge. [He knew Paris was once part of Germany, his homeland uber alles, but he does not know the Germans lost the European part of World War Two, so the French now have it.]

The Presidency is not an on-the-job training program; the bloated airhead is too fat for the position. But he can not be fired, terminated or liquidated if elected, only impeached. It is best to avoid the airhead on any ballot.


Did Republicans hurt themselves by using Don Trump’s tactics against him?

Remember Carly Florina’s face
Remember which orifices women (including Trump’s wife) bleed from
Remember mocking a handicap person (Bad tactics especially when the disabled person is more intelligent than Don Trump).

These are all Don Trump’s playground bullying and grandstanding showing he is tough, he doesn’t care, he’s above civility, he’s a Neanderthal and not part of the human race. No one in New York City cared about these manhood manifestations until the Thursday night event. Republican opponents raised and asked about real stuff, not playground insults:

  1. Don Trump swindled thousands of students who have incurred tens of thousands of dollars in student debt at Trump University. Trump is being sued.
    2. Trump’s stump speech can be repeated in 20 seconds. No use listening to him for any longer.
    3. Trump hires foreign nationals to work within the United States of America. That is his idea of ideal immigration enforcement.

If this is a playground dispute as the reporters claim, politics in New York City must be soft, soothing and nice. New York City reporters and commentators want everyone to be gentle and polite to Don Trump because he is fragile and breakable. He is crushed by criticism. He’s “not being treated fairly” by the Republican party.

Seeing Don Trump melt away is not surprising. He’s a big blob of jello; give it a little heat. But he wants to stay in the kitchen while all people are presenting the truth. Cry, Don Trump. Cry. Your new campaign slogan, BIG BABY FOR PRESIDENT.


Don Trump wants America to know when his supporters receive government money, it is politics and lobbying that provide for a bailout. When poor, struggling Americans receive government money, it is socialism. Yet Americans hear alarms about Bernie Sanders. Why? He is a socialist. No one is more a socialist than Don Trump.

Where to start? Crony-capitalism? Shifting private risks to the public sector? Do business as usual? Experience rour bankruptcies and two divorces (a form of bankruptcy)? Hiring foreigners, instead of putting Americans into his real estate operations overseas? Those tens of thousands of jobs for Americans he brags about should be cut by tens of thousands, less you’re going to Don Trump Uruguay, legal marijuana up the wazoo. Like a tote, Don?

Don Trump claims to have billions of dollars because he is a socialist. For example on the campaign trail in Iowa Don Trump wants to take the socialist way: Ethanol subsidies should be preserved. (Corn can be used for better purposes: Feeding a growing world population.)

Has Don Trump ever used ethanol in his machines – cars, jets or boats? Likely, never. Why? Is it available where he lives? Ethanol is destructive to use in machines. Very special precautions must be made, but ethanol is as good for machines as corn sugar(fructose) is for the human body. (And looking at Don Trump, it’s easy to see he’s a huge consumer of fructose.)

Without solving or considering these problems, Don Trump wants to perpetuate a government program that did not work well when oil was at $120 a barrel. Ethanol was used to extend gasoline supplies. It is not feasible when oil is $30 a barrel. Oil likely won’t get much past $55 a barrel makingethanol is very expensive and destructive. A reasonable candidate would shut it down.

Don Trump wants to promote government waste so businessmen will become dependent on the government, not upon the market. They will prosper by ripping off the government and ultimately, the American people. Replicate Don Trump’s means to wealth.

Bernie Sanders seems the type of candidate who will attempt to shift government expenses from gifts to the wealthy to needs of the American population. Every vote for Don Trump hastens the increase of the United States national debt to 30 Trillion.


Campaign 2016

Republican comments about the President’s State of the Union speech demonstrated the weakness of one candidate running for his party’s nomination.

Ted Cruz described the speech as not the “State of the Union,” but a “State of Denial.” Agree or disagree, it expresses criticism in a complete thought. Marco Rubio made a multi-sentence criticism which was understandable. Agree or disagree.

Another candidate shunned nouns and verbs; he avoided sentences completely. He spouted adjectives, the list of which never seems to end: “boring, slow, lethargic, rambling, very hard to watch…”

The impressions derived from using adjectives are the same in writing as in speech: (1) This candidate complained about the speech as he, alone, reacted to it. (2) Using adjectives means he has no nouns and verbs to formulate policy. (3) He said nothing about the substance of the President’s speech, no matter how boring it was. (4) This candidate has no position, except adjectives to modify, about the speech or any issue until it seeps into his brain, stirs neurons and wheels finally turn – a week, a month or a year later.

Politics requires an immediate reaction to speeches and circumstances offered. In the House of Commons 150 years ago Gladstone pontificated about something, and he directed a dig at Disraeli opposite: “…only Jews and imbeciles go there.” Disraeli stood and offered his arm to Gladstone so they could leave the Commons to go to the destination.

This candidate mired in adjectives is too retarded and old to have the facility to make circumstances his own.





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