THE FALL – First Episode

Northern Ireland BBC Production, Gillian Anderson

When I bought this worthwhile production, the clerk looked at the cover and said, “Scully.” I never got into the X-Files so I have never associated Anderson with that program. Anderson was born in Chicago, Illinois, and has made Great Britain her home.

In The Fall Anderson plays an experienced police investigator from somewhere who goes to Belfast, Northern Ireland to solve a string of murders. Everything appears authentic and quite British.

However, there are two scenes where Anderson is eating food. The first is a hamburger that looks like it came fresh from the stockyards of Chicago: Hey, I guess it’s easier to take the girl out of America rather than take America out of the girl, right Scully?

In the second scene Anderson eats a salad, the sort of condiment one finds in Beverly Hills, the Palisades, Melrose, Frisco and now in Belfast. British filmmakers are inventive. I didn’t see the full plate, so it may be a meat salad and the protein is haggis.

The remaining episodes of Part One of The Fall are engaging, but somewhat elongated. Season Two of five more episodes, not available in the United States, have been shot. To see the end one can either buy Season Two, $55.00 on Amazon for a Region 2 DVD, or preferably wait until it’s on cable, the internet or the DVDs cost $15.00.