Yep, but it is daunting. A few blogs ago, I mentioned that I was reading and came up with subjects for three new original novels to write.

I now know which one I’ll write first. Spotting the subject, I promptly staked my claim, but I wouldn’t worry about it until January. Unbidden waters rose, and I could not stop the flow. I had to control it, regularize my thinking, add rigor and rough it out. Write the general subject of each chapter. It took less than five minutes to write 50 words, also giving subsidiary issues within chapters.

That productivity was fun and elating: Family, profession, pressures, sibling rivalries and marriage, in-laws, children – all over a 40 year period. I did not finish the chapter subjects but I realized this isn’t 50,000 words. I sense it is 100,000 or more.

Yet the hooks of that story are in me. To get loose, I have to write it.