LOVE ACTUALLY – movie review

This film has been around the block more than once. It’s supposed to be a big romantic thriller. Ha, ha!

A mostly British predictable production of an ensemble story about love and relationships, everything happens in the six weeks before Christmas. The British don’t celebrate Thanksgiving so no one has to climb through the Planes, Trains and Automobiles of that holiday.

Jerks showing up like the President of the United States (Billy Bob Thorton appearing as Bill Clinton) interfere with love. The first third of the movie pairs couples, one being the British Prime Minister. The next third is about the difficulties of life making love impossible. Nothing is very interesting about any of those episodes, most of which have been seen by American audiences on failing sit-coms lasting only a season because the laugh track has gone awry.

There is some interest when a couple removes their clothes to shoot a movie, an MTV piece or an ad for the Nude Olympics. They are the only naked people in the flick. It’s good the see Martin Freeman who plays Doctor Watson on Sherlock burst out of that role and get some action. Liam Neeson is a much better actor when he’s killing Albanians than in this movie (father trying to help his son’s romance along).

The final third of the movie is about couples coming together. Intimacy is swamped by the drive to love actually. There is a lot of coincidence and wow – this should have happened years ago! The most preposterous is Colin Ferrel who flies somewhere (Portugal?). He intends to propose. His intended is a waitress at work. Half her village follows wanting to see Colin pop the question and get an answer. The parade goes down the street; not everyone can fit into the restaurant. It’s a true waste of film showing the crowd and time, attempting to provoke a tear or two, before the whole thing becomes incredulous.

Don’t bother with this movie, either in 2005, 2015 or 2025.