I’m not a buff of science fiction and science fantasy. If people want to dwell on the wonders of the vacuum that extends beyond the earth’s atmosphere and traveling between stars, but dying before they reach them, they can.

However, I’m offended by the TV programs that present Nazi Secret Weapons, designs that came from American comic books of the Twenties and Thirties. There was no viable Nazi secret weapon, either conceived or partially built, that would have changed the outcome of World War Two.

Americans had the ultimate secret weapon program, and with all their practicality, they built it – the atomic bomb. We gained much from European scientists, Jews, whom the Nazis believed knew nothing. The first bombs were destined for Germany – Berlin to take out the subhuman Hitler and his goons.

So there is not much the Germans taught us about science after World War Two. And remember the Germans learned most of their rocket technology from an American, Robert Goddard.