To the people of IOWA, an acronym for I Owe the World an Apology,  please consider,


Bernie Sanders: He comes from Vermont. The remaining 49 states of the United States are foreign lands, and their people, especially New Yorkers, are foreigners. Witness a campaign surrogate, Michael Moore, who is rivaling Don Trump and Mike Pompeo for the Mr. Chunky 2020 title, free meals in every fast food restaurant in Iowa and New Hampshire in January and February 2020. Not everyone likes a fat man.

Joe Biden: Having been Vice President and a Senator, he seems equipped. Let’s hope he doesn’t turn out like Richard Nixon who had a similar resume.

Pete Buttigieg: Other than his last name which is impossible to pronounce at first glance, he’s the mayor from a small city in Indiana. His primary foreign policy exposure is dealing with Mike Pence. Little known and hardly recognized are skirmishes where Mike and Pete try to get the other deported for being an illegal alien. 

Elizabeth Warren: Her primary foreign policy experience is dealing with tribes of Native Americans, which once were Nations but most have mostly entered the world of gambling. A while back there was an unhappy disagreement between Senator Liz and the tribes, which no one wants to mention today. Lori Laughlin should be so fortunate.

Mike Bloomberg: He seems well-travelled, his face revealing the faults and worries of many continents. Flying on his private jet, he seldom mets the common man. However, nobody in diplomatic and foreign policy settings worries about the common man.

Andrew Yang: No one should blame Yang for the coronavirus or the flu, human or swine. I feel mine is a a minority position, the first minority I’ve been in. Yang has spoken against communicable diseases.

Amy Klobuchar: She has negotiating skills and has a reputation for getting stuff done, however small. In this day and age, those talents are dated. Who wants to get along with the Canadians or the Mexicans? Everyone knows to have a successful deal one must shoot first and learn whether negotiations are needed, afterward. Pres. Don has proven that approach with the North Koreans.

Who else is running for President as a Democrat? The woman from Hawaii? Hey, surf’s up! Other candidates have dropped out and have stopped paying their dues, so their foreign policy credentials have expired.

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