Again Americans are presented with the world of East Coast culture: Issues arising from privileged upbringings, soft educations, white boys and a protective society hysterical when its secrets become public. 

Consider the 1975 death of Martha Moxley finally ending in a conviction for a privileged boy who had beaten a friend, a playmate, a 15 year old girl to death. Next came attorneys to file appeals presenting specious legal theories unsupported by facts, and argued to a corruptible, mediocre state Supreme Court. The privileged East Coast boy killer is out of jail. 

Note how the victim’s mother described the east coast boy killer the day after her daughter went missing: “…hangover, he was barefoot, in a pair of jeans and did not look good at all.” 

Now, here comes Christine Blasey Ford, who went to school with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in the late Seventies. He was privileged; he got a soft eduction giving him no moral compass and devoid of principles; and he became member of a society and defends itself like a secret clique at Yale – handshakes, smirks, nods and jigs. There are no secrets, either, because no one can remember all of them, or they’re so drugged and inebriated that secrets can not be remembered. 

Male friends who knew Brett as a teenager and at Yale say, He never did it. Americans should qualify that statement of the male supporters: Brett never did to us (or to me) what he is accused of doing to Christine. And thank God for Thursday’s hearing! Americans can be rest assured that Brett Kavanaugh is not gay, and he is not bisexual!  

Don Trump says Brett Kavanaugh is the finest human being he has ever met. Who knows whom Don Trump has met. Trump likes Vlad Putin, a swell guy. By comparison and by Don Trump standards, Kavanaugh may be the best human being Trump has ever met. I guess Don Trump, and many Republicans have no relationship with Jesus Christ.

But what of East Coast standards and privilege? A commentator has complained about movies during the late Seventies and Eighties, supported and presented a rape culture that persists in America. That commentator needs to read more history and sociology and hear earlier music. The public rape culture arose during the Sixties and became accepted. 

That commentator refused to look at the major premise: East Coast Culture. Think Martha Moxley. Think Christine Blasey Ford. Think of other victims. East Coast Culture was best told in a movie with Al Pacino (he was raised in East Harlem). Scent of a Woman describes the money, politics, social pressure, favoritism and heavy handed influences which gave rise to a remarkable argument against the school and its disciplinary hearing. Pacino’s character, blind and a former Army officer, thought taking a flamethrower to the institution might be a cure for the problems and issues of the place (and presumably elsewhere in society).

Oddly enough, the Al Pacino character represents the sort of person that is part of Don Trump’s base. Those people should rethink Kavanaugh. He is not the best judge possible for nomination. Trump should nominate another.

Another point needs to be raised, thrice denied. During his Thursday testimony Brett Kavanaugh told of his Catholic school attendance. His friend, Mark Judge, and eye witness to the incident with Christine, writes of those years. Mark Judge was not called by the Republican-led Committee to testify. Words of a letter which are not properly set out as a declaration or an affidavit are insufficient. Perhaps the FBI can get a (more) complete recollection.

Relying on religious training hardly supports Kavanaugh’s veracity, given Judge’s biography. But being religious and later being faithful does not negate prior acts. Consider Peter. At the Last Supper Jesus turned to Peter and said, before the morn you will thrice deny me. Obviously, Peter left Jesus’s company and indeed, Peter thrice denied Jesus that night.

In the first translation of the Bible into English (second edition 1534) William Tyndall pondered how Peter could deny Jesus thrice. He provided an answer: Peter was a party person, and he was out with friends, acquaintances and strangers of both sexes. He wanted to be popular and liked. The Bible does not say whether he was successful, but when asked, Peter denied.

Nothing in Brett Kavanaugh’s life and record absolve him of teenage activities joined in with one or more of his friends. When there is a partnership or a joint venture (Mark Judge) or being part of a pack mentality, a boy loses all thought, all individuality and an inability of determine right from wrong. Anything is possible. Those are the sorts of parties Mark Judge described in his biography: Go with the flow, do you own thing. Who’s going to tell under these circumstances?   

Certainly the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ knows and will not forget. The support for and Kavanaught’s histrionics during his Thursday testimony, aided by a satanic Lindsey Graham whose moral compass has gone awry since August 25, 2018, will result in a destructive ending for the souls of those men. 

Peter admitted the truth and his flaws. It is part of Scripture. He redeemed himself. But Brett Kavanaugh? What has he done to redeem himself? He uses religion to hide. He joined and represents the secrets of East Coast Society, like the murderer of Martha Moxley. But he has the endorsement of Don Trump. 

They all have before them when the time comes the flamethrowers of Hell.



TONIGHT for the local news is a car chase, a guy in a big pick-up who won’t stop, mile after mile, minute after minute, hour after hour.

Supposedly, he is wanted for two murders. In California I wonder if that matches the 2,000 Motor Vehicle Code violations I have witnessed on TV.

Of course local cops are after him, and they are joined by the CHP, a much nicer group of people than were portrayed in Vanishing Point(1971). The truck driver may be able to go 400 miles, get to Arizona or Nevada. 

Helicopters lost him in the beach clouds; he’s scraped a few cars. But coming over the Santa Monica mountains, he’s now in Santa Monica. He has no fans there. Commuters want to get home are are delayed; the homeless don’t want him driving on the sidewalks; no one wants cop and news helicopters buzzing the houses. The neighborhood is too rich for that! 

He looked to be in an industrial/commercial area. No one in the air can identify the street he is on. Now it appears residential. Someone’s a good citizen. There are rows of solar panels on one roof. Kudos to that environmentalist while the truck guy spews CO2.

He’s near a golf course going toward Brentwood. Perhaps he wants to visit OJ’s old house. Lots of roofs of multi-unit buildings have no solar panels. Don’t see many houses with solar panels. I’d like to see the truck drive take out garbage cans and mix the waste: Trash, garden and recycles. That was always funny around Halloween, and why not get a few more violations – mixing garbage and littering.

No more erratic driving. The pickup went into a parking lot and stopped by a commercial building. HE QUIT! LOSER. Get out, back toward the cops, hands up, get on knees, lie flat on the ground. The cops don’t move. There’s another person in the truck. Get up, hands up, back up, on the knees, lie flat. Two guys on the ground: Handcuffs.

The cops look. No one else is in the truck. Get the guys standing and moving to jail.

AT THE NEWS ROOM, they’re after real crime in the USA, not in Washington,D.C., though. The NEXT STORY: Naked Intruder Arrested….