Nicole Kidman travels to her girlhood home along the seashore where her sister Jennifer Jason Leigh lives and is getting married to Jack Black. Black plays a former musician and a parlor nihilist who is emotional and has nothing smart to say though out the movie.

Nichol lives in New York City where she has a career as a writer. She has left home and made it.

Her life is set. Jennifer seems the younger and somewhat the bad girl who could never leave home.

The movie tells the growing experiences for Nicole and Jennifer, intensely during their reunion and handling issues arising before, apart and those now they are together. It seems Nicole is less settled than her status, prosperity and fame should make her; she seems to unravel, not from the setting but because she is around people she grew up with and have an intimacy with her. All the while Jennifer seems an adult, less than perfect, but stable in her surroundings, although marriage to Black will create problems.

Two better actresses could not have been found to fill these roles and tell this story.