Mike Pense made a mistake. He stopped last weekend when the cast asked him, so they could make a statement. The election is over. Pense no longer has to be overly polite. His response should have been, “You’re entitled to your opinions and may express them. Each of you can write me letters. Your opinions are no more significant than that man’s (Pense points to man 50 feet away) or this woman’s here (he points ten feet away). It was a wonderful performance. Good night. God Bless you. God Bless America!”

The New York City cast of Hamilton does not believe that: We on the stage in New York City in the biggest, most successful musician of this century. Note, if the cast had hired the theater for ten minutes to make their announcement, nobody would have come. These people are actors!


In the movie Primary Colors (Bill Clinton’s 1992 Campaign) is a scene about doing adverse research about Bill and women. Emma Thompson plays Hillary; Billy Bob Thornton plays James Carville.

They meet in a basement room. Billy Bob poses, “Suppose you’re into woods with your pants down, and you realize you’re facing a wild boar…” Emma immediately understands what the conversation is about. Billy Bob: “We want to know how many boars are out there.” Emma: “Do it!”

The grieving, weeping and blaming about the 650,000 emails made known in late October 2016 is perplexing. The documents came from a computer controlled by a trusted aide of Hillary. When the server-email story broke and in March 2015, and subpoenas were issued, what did Hillary’s team do? Look at all the computers? Check all email accounts? Survey the extend of the problem?

NO, there were so many boars racing around the woods that the Clinton campaign was blindsided in late October 2016 while flying on a plane without wifi.

Anyone reviewing files and emails would have come across the 650,000 emails, and read, reviewed and listed them as an internal document of the campaign. Note the computers and emails were not destroyed; they were under subpoena; the authorities just had to pick them up. It was reported that this computer was known about by the FBI (and supposedly the Clinton campaign) for two months before the release. It is likely the Clinton campaign knew about this computer and its contents long before August 2016.

What reaction should the Clinton Campaign have had to the announcement of 650,000 new emails? What follows is my suggestion for a statement provided the boar hunt or a census had been undertaken:

We’ve known about this computer. We preserved the emails on it. We’ve held it
for FBI pick-up for a year.
We do not know why the FBI is claiming the 650,000 emails are brand new;
The FBI has known about it since ______.
The computer is Anthony Weiner’s. It is his primary computer.
We looked at all email accounts on this computer. Here is what we found:
450,000 emails predate Secretary Clinton’s term as Secretary of State.
150,000 emails post-date Secretary Clinton’s term as Secretary of State.
47,000 emails appear to originate from Anthony Weiner
2000 emails which don’t refer to Hillary come from Huma
1000 emails refer to Hillary Clinton with the primary subjects being
Chelsea’s marriage; arrival times, books read, writing manuscripts,
health, scheduling, etc.
None of the emails on this computer from this account discussed actions, decisions, meetings or opinions of HRC or the office of Secretary of State.

Upon being blindsided, it would have been best if the Clinton campaign tried to come as clean as it could. Give this sort of summary or table of contents. Don’t let the other side characterize them: 650,000 emails is ten times as many emails that Hillary gave to the State Department. Reporters were probably looking through the 650,000 wondering how Hillary arranged for the Chicago Cubs to get into and win the World Series, when Comey said there was nothing of importance in this batch of emails.

Alas, in the end, it appears that the Clinton campaign did not look for boars in the woods. They were not ready.


Now that Don Trump is President-elect, celebrities can leave the USA.

The biggest obstacle is: Pack the first box.

Some celebrities are Canadian. They never leave North America.

But most celebrities will do just fine, staying:

Politically, Al Sharpton is on the opposite side of Trump. He’s a New Yorker; he has tax problems; he knows the game. He can play his role more fully now than if somebody in the Executive Branch is preempting him. He likely will not be invited to the White House, but he doesn’t make money going to Washington D.C.

Chelsea Handler has released photos of herself on the Internet, just like photos of sundry and various other women. With the election results there will be fewer photos on the Internet. With less diversion and an on-going TV show (hostess is a genuine human female not an ET-Alien), Handler should stay.

Samuel L. Jackson, a premier actor, has seen the good and bad of show business and political jesting. In his work he needs better roles (Snakes on a Plane?????). He is the sort of actor who can insist that scripts and roles be better written. His greatest influence would be in Hollywood procuring excellent scripts, supporting first-class productions and letting his talent reflect that work. Why leave the country?

Did Miley Cyrus really say she would leave the country?


Pointless emails, full U.S. mail boxes, incessant telephone calls are over. What was life like before this?

Life seems empty. I can recall the senseless arguments, the carelessly tossed insults and the vicious acrimony that I had with friends and acquaintances. I want to reestablish those relationships, but because people know me also know how heartfelt my strong feelings and precise my harsh opinions were. It’s going to be difficult regaining everyone’s trust to renew friendships. The people who became my political allies and subsequent friends are inadequate and essentially morons.

But today the sun rose, the stock market opened and the grocery store is in business so I can go shopping today.


Yahoo has an article today entitled, Professor Leaves Racist Note on Student’s Paper. Part of the text of the student’s paper reads,
…..in every four children attending
…..population will more than double
….. on U.S. schools! Hence, the question
…..growth in the United States of
…..those who professionally work in

The professor or Teaching Assistant circled “Hence,” and complained “This is not your word.”
Who owns the word, hence? Hence is like other conclusionary words, to indicate the next sentence is plenty important. One does not need the exclamation point at the end of the prior sentence. “Hence” along with other words and terms like “thus,” “Are you ready?,” “Dummy up. Here it comes!” are inserted into text because professors and teaching assistants will not otherwise understand the text.
[It is like taking the Bar Exam in any state. Underline all legal points in red. Otherwise they’ll be missed.]
The fact that hence appears in a student’s sociology paper should not surprise anyone. Sociology is one of the social sciences where speculation is prized and errant conclusions are accepted. The larger area may be referred to as Social Superstitions – anthropology, parts of economics, sociology, law, some history, folklore, paranormal studies, and on and on. To sink a foundation for any paper, it is necessary to toss in sundry and various conclusions, all marked by words like hence. Any reader who has studied in the social sciences and has never run across the word, hence, stand up immediately – try to tilt the earth from its orbit so it moves and cracks into the moon.
This student at Suffolk University in Boston complains of the comment on her paper: It is racist! Racism is the least of her worries. This sort of sentence sounds like it came from one of the professor’s lecturers. The insert from the paper above suggests the point of a growing population seeking fewer positions in the professions. Americans have seen fewer job-openings in investment banking. California law schools have cut enrollment because there are fewer jobs.
Tiffany Martinez in Boston should not complain about a clueless, flimsy comment. She should be outraged by a University, a Professor and Teaching Assistants who cannot teach her to write.