A bad summer for the slogan-and-product boys.
GR LOANS: They have a middle-aged white guy who’s doing a little boy, cartoon stucke. Yeah, I always wanted to get a mortgage from someone who sounds like Elmer Fudd.
TD AMERITRADE: I’ll never be as dumb as the guy with the Sixties wardrobe. He had a big mustache, unkempt curly hair and a work shirt. I don’t know what role he’s supposed to play except walk into a white collar office. In one ad he is the guy carrying what appears to be a large black and white TV from the Fifties. He’s helped by a person opposite him. This blue color spokesman is an idiot, a moron and an imbecile. He does not have the marbles to put the TV on a trolley and singlehandedly wheel it into the room.
T-MOBILE: This company now offers unlimited service for four lines at $40 per month per line; the total bill is $160. I guess the owner is someone sort of cool guy on the Internet and in the cyber world. I have three lines, unlimited service, for $70.00 a month. Do I have to pay $90 for coolness and for the spokesman’s snide smile?
AUDI or MERCEDES: The German have eight or ten cars rolling through a neighborhood like they are Leopard tanks, interrupting children’s play, distracting fathers who are gardening and alarming pedestrians. The ad and the car produced an unwanted flashback: When I was five years old I was hit by a car in my neighborhood and was stuck in a hospital for six weeks.


recommend seeing this well-written movie with Keanu Reeves.

I was disturbed by the characters, the settings and their stories. This is a hard cord view of New York City where residents try to live on top of one another in a very nitty-gritty world.

Reeves is the partner of a cop killed while on duty; he investigates the death. If the investigation exposes all the “dirt” belonging to the dead cop, his family will not get his pension. Reeves proceeds against orders to stop. He finally interviews the final witnesses and learns how dirty his partner was – how justice was served and how keeping silent about the facts of death is the best result for everyone.


I saw this movie on DVD. I liked Daisy Ridley, but she cannot carry this movie of 145 minutes.

Being familiar with the previous productions, I observed excessive borrowing of story from previous STAR WAR movies. I saved 25 minutes of film time by hitting the fast forward button to the recognized ending of each scene.

The relationships among the characters do not go much beyond the Soap Oper revelations in earlier movies (also found in most action movies). The viewer should not support much interaction from character development in an action movie. What is surprising is how much time the film makers devoted to character introspection.

In the end I devoted as much time to this film as it deserves.