Campaign 2016. Raise an issue as a headline. One headline is USA debt. It’s a lot. Everyone knew that long before the election began. Next headline, change tax plans.

One bloated mind is unwilling and incapable of speaking intelligently about anything beyond repetition. The reason for lack of understanding is the bloated brain has a head of air – yes, the good old airhead. This candidate says he’s huge, read bloated.

The airhead fumbles while trying to amplify the headline, but no use listening. No use repeating the same thing, again, again, and again, three times in a minute. The public needs facts to be repeated. They don’t need to be a laughing stock and corrected by Democrats in their company when they repeat the party line: I was critical of women because no painted ladies smiled my way. The public needs facts, logic and reason rather than the lies, obstinacy and misstatement of a bloated old airhead.

Many candidates talk to citizens presenting their cases why they should be nominated as the party’s candidate. They don’t rely on headlines, on cliches, slogans, folk sayings and homilies. They discuss policies and programs and explain why one approach is better than another. In this way politicians reveal themselves as human beings. But the bloated airhead has ordered people from campaign events: “Get her out of here. I know she’s a ten and justifiably evaluates my misuse of cosmetics, my over-use of hair spray, my donning ill-fitting clothes and my carrying excess blubber.” (“I’m frustrated. After Christmas I couldn’t get into my clothes. They had to be taken out and more material needed tailoring because I overate and gained 20 pounds. I hate to exercise. My double chin became bigger and bigger obliterating the double chin and becoming an extra neck, like I’m storing snacks there.”)

The bloated airhead has never felt more confident. All his sycophants drool over his every move. Everyone knows his name, and no one trusts him. Everyone knows Hilary, and no one trusts her, either. Everyone has an idea who Bill and Hilary are, but no one knows who the hell the bloated airhead is. The American people may have to spring for the devil they know rather than the terror lurking in and descending from some far away, high up executive suit: Every day he demonstrates he hates people; he detests critics; he loathes criticism; he only likes to talk to people who are elites; he likes persons around him who say yes to every whim; he does not listen; he knows the headline for everything or something close but knows no details, specifics or background knowledge. [He knew Paris was once part of Germany, his homeland uber alles, but he does not know the Germans lost the European part of World War Two, so the French now have it.]

The Presidency is not an on-the-job training program; the bloated airhead is too fat for the position. But he can not be fired, terminated or liquidated if elected, only impeached. It is best to avoid the airhead on any ballot.

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