On social media and now on TV is a man, who says he’s burning his registration certificate showing he is a documented Republican. He is a Trump fan who is upset that Don did not read the Colorado Convention Rules and get any delegates.

Foremost, who keeps such a document that unfolds to a 2 1/2 by 1 1/2 foot table matte reflecting party affiliation? As far as I can tell on the screen the guy is burning the deed of his house. [I note the current Republican Party no longer can be accused as being tree killers. They hand out plastic cards showing party membership. Zut alors! There are no auxiliary benefits like discount rental cars.

Next, the man appears of the Boomer generation and the last thing he burned in 1968 was his Registration Card for the draft. That card is 2 by 4 inches.

Someone has taken the precaution of removing matches from this man’s reach. He used a barbecue lighter to get the flame agoing to the big paper. Think of the change of utility and cultural and legal implications. In 1968 when burning a draft card or lighting a joint, it was a secret affair. Be careful and use a match. Nowadays in Colorado, one openly uses the barbecue equipment to keep the flame agoing along a bomber.

Don Trump said he liked the uneducated (the ignorant). He will do nothing to improve their fate. Don Trump likes potheads. He’ll supply more weed and make billions. Don Trump also accepts endorsements from white power losers like David Duke. Two of three Americans distrust Don Trump; they also dislike him. Groups of disgusting, horrid Don Trump supporters can go on and on and on, and Americans are free to speculate, add to and further publicize the list of undesirables.


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