Did Republicans hurt themselves by using Don Trump’s tactics against him?

Remember Carly Florina’s face
Remember which orifices women (including Trump’s wife) bleed from
Remember mocking a handicap person (Bad tactics especially when the disabled person is more intelligent than Don Trump).

These are all Don Trump’s playground bullying and grandstanding showing he is tough, he doesn’t care, he’s above civility, he’s a Neanderthal and not part of the human race. No one in New York City cared about these manhood manifestations until the Thursday night event. Republican opponents raised and asked about real stuff, not playground insults:

  1. Don Trump swindled thousands of students who have incurred tens of thousands of dollars in student debt at Trump University. Trump is being sued.
    2. Trump’s stump speech can be repeated in 20 seconds. No use listening to him for any longer.
    3. Trump hires foreign nationals to work within the United States of America. That is his idea of ideal immigration enforcement.

If this is a playground dispute as the reporters claim, politics in New York City must be soft, soothing and nice. New York City reporters and commentators want everyone to be gentle and polite to Don Trump because he is fragile and breakable. He is crushed by criticism. He’s “not being treated fairly” by the Republican party.

Seeing Don Trump melt away is not surprising. He’s a big blob of jello; give it a little heat. But he wants to stay in the kitchen while all people are presenting the truth. Cry, Don Trump. Cry. Your new campaign slogan, BIG BABY FOR PRESIDENT.


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