Getting support from Chris Christie is like buying used tires. Christie has been around many blocks, around and around, and has had many flats along the way. How is bridge gate going? Did they get that last bit of information from the New Jersey’s Governor’s office? Is bridge gate as volatile an issue as Don Trump’s University gate?

Will Christie love Trump when the big Duck is found guilty of violating the RICO statute (the statute Christie supposedly enforced civilly and criminally). The Big Duck will pay plaintiffs counsels’ fees plus triple damages. That will greatly diminish Don Trump’s net worth by at least one billion dollars.

Is Christie looking for a job, vice president perhaps? A lot of men are already kissing up: Scott Brown, Mike Huckabee, Joe Scarborough and now Christie. Image sculpting statues of these men, and most will have double chins. I wonder how they will hear they are fired. Brown might be too skinny. Christie is too short. Scarborough is too much of a mouthy know-all. Thereafter, Christie can have another s-fit. Let’s hope it’s not public.

Trump is the last person in politics anyone should befriend with an endorsement. Christie’s name goes from respectable competitor onto an ever-expanding s-list. When asked about Trump last summer, Christie said being in Trump’s presence was tiring. When nothing is going on in life or life is ending (Christie has a year or so as Governor of New Jersey), tiring becomes attractive and entertaining. The move today makes Christie slow and thick.

Move over, Christie’s wife draws a big salary from a financial services firm. Businesses in financial services are shedding employees to reduce costs. Christie’s wife may lose her job unless Don Trump is nominated. Don Trump will protect all the favors that Wall Street has as he preserves its status quo. NO REFORM ON WALL STREET!

Christie’s enforcement guarantees that Trump will take none of the states in the Northeast in the general election. Christie is that polarizing and untrustworthy, like Don Trump. The people who know Christie and Trump best will not vote for the big Duck.

In his endorsement statement today Christie became totally like Don Trump. It is not resolve in his voice. It is hate. Christie hates what happened to him during the campaign and he despises everyone who did better than he. Hate is not a religious, moral or ethic virtue and trait prized in our Judeo-Christian culture. Don Trump and Christie can camouflage tones of voice, can use different words, and can soften hardened gazes. But each of them presents behaviors that add up to hate. Listen to Don Trump’s on-going harangue today after the endorsement. One wonders if Christie found that tiring. I’m sure Christie loves hearing Don Trump repeat himself, every two minutes (sometimes more frequently) because he has no new material.

So who do Christie and Trump hate? Anyone who disagrees with them. Anyone who is more talented than either of them. That is reminiscent of Richard Nixon, and the American experience is, Americans do not want to elect persons who hate and thereafter are in charge of the FBI.

An irony in the Christie endorsement is the missing iPhone. On it are all the plans, details, timing and contacts between Governor Christie and Don Trump: How to close the bridge and anger everyone. After the iPhone is found in May, Apple Corporation will refuse to disclose its contents for review.


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