When the Constitution was ratified in 1788 and by each state since, was Apple’s right to possess a chip, a software program, a means of communication in the document? NO. Does Apple have anywhere among statutes or constitutional provisions, a means to prevent the government armed with a warrant to serve and require Apple to hand over information? NO.

Yet, Apple claims it has extra-judicial, extra-legal, over-the-top exemptions from the language of the Constitution, whereas the remainder of Americans are fully bound and must adhere to the document and its interpretation.

Apple claims no court should ever issue warrants to learn communications between terrorists or among criminals; only Apple itself has the discretion and the wisdom to view those notes, as violent as they be. Apple believes it has a right to privacy, so it never has to deliver information in its possession that may keep the United States safe.

In essence Apple makes itself complicit in the actions of the perpetrators; the longer Apple dithers the deeper it sinks into the conspiracy. Should criminal liability attach to Apple for interfering with an investigation, resulting possibly in obstruction of justice charges?

Readers may believe they saw this scenario played out on TV, but the real-time, reality component of daily events reveal a rotten core.

What Apple and all monster American information gathering companies want to protect is their own collections of data. Every company knows when users are on computers, asleep, eating, using the pot, and which appropriate advertisement should be sent for specific activities. The time of day is taken into account because the advertisement for toilet paper does not appear when sitting on the big white phone. That ad comes in the grocery store – hurrying to buy a package and avoiding embarrassment at the check-out counter. (The full mobile experience.) Our lives are controlled by computers and their memories, and no one cares about the privacy of Americans!

It is that administered boatload of personal information breaching the privacy of every American, obtained without consent or warrant, that Apple and corporations of its ilk want to protect and keep absolutely secret, until sprung on the victims, unwitting Americans.


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