A JURY OF HER PEERS – Elaine Showalter

This book is invaluable. It should be in every public library and in private collections.

American citizens should read this book to learn how women have viewed America since 1630.

American literature students, male and female, should buy, read and refer to this book. It is an excellent teaching source; it is an engaging source to acquaint students with an entire body of little known literature.

Male and female students of writing should buy, read and refer to this book.

If Americans of all ilks believe they have read as much American literature as is available, this book will provide at least 50 novels to read.

For example, Jo Marsh of Little Women wrote books about her family, sequels to Little Women. One of those books discusses in the 1870s a woman’s wish today: “Having it all.”

An issue in the 1960s Civil Rights movement was the position of women. Not intending to be pejorative or derisive, Stockily Carmichael accurately described that position as “prone.” Doubly for Black women. Should Black women support the Civil Rights movement or the Women’s Movement? Each involved different and conflicting obligations and goals. In history, sociology and journalism there is little development and discussion of the issues. HOWEVER, black female authors raised and wrote about this issue. These books are described and discussed in Showalter’s book.


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