Don Trump wants America to know when his supporters receive government money, it is politics and lobbying that provide for a bailout. When poor, struggling Americans receive government money, it is socialism. Yet Americans hear alarms about Bernie Sanders. Why? He is a socialist. No one is more a socialist than Don Trump.

Where to start? Crony-capitalism? Shifting private risks to the public sector? Do business as usual? Experience rour bankruptcies and two divorces (a form of bankruptcy)? Hiring foreigners, instead of putting Americans into his real estate operations overseas? Those tens of thousands of jobs for Americans he brags about should be cut by tens of thousands, less you’re going to Don Trump Uruguay, legal marijuana up the wazoo. Like a tote, Don?

Don Trump claims to have billions of dollars because he is a socialist. For example on the campaign trail in Iowa Don Trump wants to take the socialist way: Ethanol subsidies should be preserved. (Corn can be used for better purposes: Feeding a growing world population.)

Has Don Trump ever used ethanol in his machines – cars, jets or boats? Likely, never. Why? Is it available where he lives? Ethanol is destructive to use in machines. Very special precautions must be made, but ethanol is as good for machines as corn sugar(fructose) is for the human body. (And looking at Don Trump, it’s easy to see he’s a huge consumer of fructose.)

Without solving or considering these problems, Don Trump wants to perpetuate a government program that did not work well when oil was at $120 a barrel. Ethanol was used to extend gasoline supplies. It is not feasible when oil is $30 a barrel. Oil likely won’t get much past $55 a barrel makingethanol is very expensive and destructive. A reasonable candidate would shut it down.

Don Trump wants to promote government waste so businessmen will become dependent on the government, not upon the market. They will prosper by ripping off the government and ultimately, the American people. Replicate Don Trump’s means to wealth.

Bernie Sanders seems the type of candidate who will attempt to shift government expenses from gifts to the wealthy to needs of the American population. Every vote for Don Trump hastens the increase of the United States national debt to 30 Trillion.


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