It’s a big day, an opportunity to change jobs, except everything that was said since summer 2015 belies every advocacy made today. He’s a politician, through and through, a member of the Eastern political establishment – relationships, bribes, corruption – he knows how to make those deals. He even wrote a book about the DEAL. Other candidates for the nomination have pointed to shifts in position, what is said now, and what was said two months ago – six months ago – a year ago – three years ago – five years ago – eight years ago when he was a Democrat. What job is he seeking? He is lying and a liar.

He supported and voted for the Democratic nominee for president. If anyone is consistent, it is she. On the other hand, he is fickle, jumpy, nervous and uncertain, like he has Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. I don’t mind calling him a weakling and being critical of his disability. There is no political correctness. There is either a physical cause or it’s mental: Weak memory, poor principles, inadequate learning, jumbled logic and muddled and addled thinking. In Britain they would say he was potty.

Nobody dare ask him where he is and where he’s doing. It’s painfully obvious when questions of policy come up. He is at a loss, answering in assorted and random cliches. Get out the Atlas and show him where Vietnam is. That’s a country he wanted to avoid militarily and in foreign policy.

The big game plan, because politics is so much like sports, is to go to TV commercials now. He has to distance himself from the people, make his divine soundings widespread across the boob tube. To tell the truth he has tired of meeting cows in Iowa – he’s never met a cow he hasn’t eaten. He’s tired of meeting maple trees in New Hampshire. For all that the American people know of TV (the idiot box), they knew screen time is fake, except for Americans running out and buying cars on impulse after watching one minute commercials where the automobile performs devised road feats. These are the same Americans who wonder why food in restaurant commercials does not look the same as when it is presented to them in restaurants.

The advertisements try to link together cliches by using images (pictures). Show Africans in Morocco running in one direction. Claim willingness to solve immigration problems into the USA by showing sprinting Moroccans. [They may be going to Walmart for discount TVs.] The candidate is telling Americans – “Good out and buy that car. Eat in that restaurant.” The justification for the pictorial deceit: America is becoming a Third World Country, the subliminal message: “Too many minorities.” The candidate’s real message is unintended and one he, himself, cannot stomach – the Moroccans are physically fit, unlike himself and many Americans.


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