Don Trump wants America to know when his supporters receive government money, it is politics and lobbying that provide for a bailout. When poor, struggling Americans receive government money, it is socialism. Yet Americans hear alarms about Bernie Sanders. Why? He is a socialist. No one is more a socialist than Don Trump.

Where to start? Crony-capitalism? Shifting private risks to the public sector? Do business as usual? Experience rour bankruptcies and two divorces (a form of bankruptcy)? Hiring foreigners, instead of putting Americans into his real estate operations overseas? Those tens of thousands of jobs for Americans he brags about should be cut by tens of thousands, less you’re going to Don Trump Uruguay, legal marijuana up the wazoo. Like a tote, Don?

Don Trump claims to have billions of dollars because he is a socialist. For example on the campaign trail in Iowa Don Trump wants to take the socialist way: Ethanol subsidies should be preserved. (Corn can be used for better purposes: Feeding a growing world population.)

Has Don Trump ever used ethanol in his machines – cars, jets or boats? Likely, never. Why? Is it available where he lives? Ethanol is destructive to use in machines. Very special precautions must be made, but ethanol is as good for machines as corn sugar(fructose) is for the human body. (And looking at Don Trump, it’s easy to see he’s a huge consumer of fructose.)

Without solving or considering these problems, Don Trump wants to perpetuate a government program that did not work well when oil was at $120 a barrel. Ethanol was used to extend gasoline supplies. It is not feasible when oil is $30 a barrel. Oil likely won’t get much past $55 a barrel makingethanol is very expensive and destructive. A reasonable candidate would shut it down.

Don Trump wants to promote government waste so businessmen will become dependent on the government, not upon the market. They will prosper by ripping off the government and ultimately, the American people. Replicate Don Trump’s means to wealth.

Bernie Sanders seems the type of candidate who will attempt to shift government expenses from gifts to the wealthy to needs of the American population. Every vote for Don Trump hastens the increase of the United States national debt to 30 Trillion.


I’m in the Political Elite so I talk this way. I try not to be politically correct, preferring the locker room of New York City where guys joke about bleeding chicks and gunned down crooks. I live in New York City, the broadcast center of political correctness, along with satellite offices in Frisco, Berkeley, Venice, Cambridge and Santa Fe.

I’m always politically correct to the mugs richer than myself, like Mike Bloomberg. Maybe I can cut a deal with one or more of them and try to steal a billion or two. Most politically correct places are cesspools – too many people, too much trash, too many government services, too many feces, too many minorities, too many, too many, not enough drugs. I’m tired of too many and not enough. It’s not American. Few people in those towns want me to develop and build anything. I can’t list all the people I hate. Names on the list would stretch between New York City and China. Los Angeles approved a giant skyscraper now built with China-money, but I lost a bundle when I offered to build a 125 story jobbie away from downtown, where it wasn’t commercially feasible. I sold the property at a loss.

All big time real estate developers stick among the politically Elite. I can’t count how many brats of politicians I’ve put through school by giving them overpaid summer jobs. Black, brown, LGBT – I can’t tell which color. I don’t know if I always wear the same colored socks. I really want people to work in fast food restaurants in my buildings for peanuts. That’s why they have to get college money from drug deals – a terrific way to learn business: If you flub it, you die. So buy adulterated product, cut it, debase it, sell it as prime. Rich, using suckers are lucky to get off. I’m happy so long as my employees make the minimum wage and sell drugs.

New York City is full of drugs. I’m obviously above street deals, but my college courses never taught anyone anything. It is best to learn everything on the street in trial and error fashion. Real estate is the same way – the Art of the Steal. Consulting is best, a position unavailable in the drug business. I make more money consulting than I do in business. It’s my rosy reputation. I can answer with a cliche or perhaps dance a gig. I want all my employees to be like children, dependent, diligent, quiet and orderly. It is the primary means to make money – 99 cents for me, a penny for them.

That’s the way to be Elite, and that is bigger than the real ratio. The economy is running into the sewer, and Americans are suffering. When I become President, I’ll increase the National Debt, so people like me can make as much money as Bill and Hilary. They left the White House broke (so they said), and now have hundreds of millions. I’ll start with billions and end up with hundreds of billions. Meanwhile the United States will have 30 Trillion dollar debt.

I like being in the Elite not people with a prize 1959 Edsel. My father, Fred, knew that car was a flop. Among the rich and isolated I talk political incorrectness because it is easy. I don’t pretend that I care about anybody but me. I learn cliches and everyone knows what I’m talking about. They hear and talk about nothing but cliches and a few homilies. I consume day-old Twinkies and Caviar that Old Bald Vlad sends me. Little people have no right to demand respect from me. I can be rude and offensive because I don’t like any of them – strangers. I may deport them all if they don’t vote for me. I’ve fooled supporters who think I’m on their side. They are morons and retards. I’m standing on their shoulders.

My enemies have said because I think this way, they don’t need a degree in psychology; they don’t need to be a psychiatrist. Every American can know I can be diagnosed by watching the shows, like Doctor Phil. Because I think this way, I may have Borderline Personality Disorder, at the least.

I don’t want to bother the little people with my medical and mental conditions. They have their own childish concerns and petty problems. I tell them: Make money; Take my courses, Art of the Steal; Get a life; Work for peanuts; Eat garbage; Lick my caviar containers; Relish my pollution and hate.


Campaign 2016

Republican comments about the President’s State of the Union speech demonstrated the weakness of one candidate running for his party’s nomination.

Ted Cruz described the speech as not the “State of the Union,” but a “State of Denial.” Agree or disagree, it expresses criticism in a complete thought. Marco Rubio made a multi-sentence criticism which was understandable. Agree or disagree.

Another candidate shunned nouns and verbs; he avoided sentences completely. He spouted adjectives, the list of which never seems to end: “boring, slow, lethargic, rambling, very hard to watch…”

The impressions derived from using adjectives are the same in writing as in speech: (1) This candidate complained about the speech as he, alone, reacted to it. (2) Using adjectives means he has no nouns and verbs to formulate policy. (3) He said nothing about the substance of the President’s speech, no matter how boring it was. (4) This candidate has no position, except adjectives to modify, about the speech or any issue until it seeps into his brain, stirs neurons and wheels finally turn – a week, a month or a year later.

Politics requires an immediate reaction to speeches and circumstances offered. In the House of Commons 150 years ago Gladstone pontificated about something, and he directed a dig at Disraeli opposite: “…only Jews and imbeciles go there.” Disraeli stood and offered his arm to Gladstone so they could leave the Commons to go to the destination.

This candidate mired in adjectives is too retarded and old to have the facility to make circumstances his own.





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I’ve been asked why a child growing up in America would connect to a hard-nosed religion, follow a strict tenet-driven cult, or adopt a hatred for the country. Reasons and behaviors are failure to be educated, reliance on a limited faith, seeking simple answers and reveling in ignorance while eschewing learning and wisdom.

Some children are born into such philosophies, faiths and hatreds like the author of this book. She provides no answer to the question. Her book and story become ridiculous and ends farcically.

Note the book is primarily available in public libraries, but it is otherwise very expensive. By obtaining a huge judgment, the family of the man whom the author murdered put an end to the author’s aspiring literary career. She is reduced to making meager diary entries.

The author reported her cult let her do many things the average American kid and teenager did. Sometimes there were no utilities in Mexico where she grew up. Her parents had their life savings swindled from them by cult/church members. Her mother would blithely comment about such situations being God’s way or will. Her father married another women, thus fully adopting the cult’s polygamist teachings. There was a lot of social pressure on girls to marry church elders, leaders or whoever else came by, at 14, 15 and 16 years, when the author says she married the church leader, 30 years her senior. She was wife number 13. She describes that he was a complete loser in bed. He finally got her pregnant; a child was born.

It was a tough life. No money, she and other wives have to scrounge for clothes, food and sometimes shelter, when they came to the US. They slept ten or more to a room. Meanwhile the old man was writing theological pieces disagreeing with other cult leaders and defining his doctrine. He spent very little time among the distaff, domestic bliss. Life carried on this way, women’s work also included bringing home the bacon.

Her husband-leader ordered author and another woman to kill a polygamist leader living near Salt Lake City. They make arrangements with two men, go to Salt Lake and murder the man. She pulls the trigger. A few years later she is put on trial and found not guilty.

The author has learned nothing. Her actions are tantamount to being a fervent Nazi, bring tried a Nuremberg, being found not guilty and returning to the Nazi fold. The author returns to the doctrine and further indoctrination from the church leader, who is hiding out in Mexico to avoid prosecution. He controls his cult from a distance.

On page 248 during her trial the author complains being in jail with “a big Indian woman who had slit her husband’s throat, and another woman who had shot her boyfriend…” They had “committed much more violent crimes…” NOTE: The author shot her victim seven (7) times at close range. The author, a twenty year old during trial, thought she “had to work out my problems on my own.” (p. 252) The author is the sort of woman who deceives herself. She prays (again and again) and the outcome “was in God’s hands.”(268) At trial so and so witness “wasn’t so bright.” (272)

Another woman from the cult commits murder in San Diego about the same time the author killed the competing polygamist in Salt Lake. The author fails to understand the legal processes or how lucky she was: “She had been convicted of …murder, even though she did the same thing a jury saw fit to acquit us for. She was merely following what she believed to be God’s will…I’m convinced that she has more than paid for her crime.” (296-297)

Next comes, “Ed may have killed a few people and stalked others targeted for murder…” but Ed’s an all right guy. (308)

The church leader is captured, taken to Utah, put on trial, found guilty and given a life sentence. He refuses to divorce the author, who has no paperwork saying she is married to cult leader. The author removes herself from the right way, so she can marry. The man who married them comes to town and says, he’s sorry for marrying her and that she is divorced. There are four centers for the cult: Mexico, Denver, Salt Lake and Dallas/Houston, where the author resides.

The cult leader dies. The body is flown to Houston where the author buries him.(334) The cult has no leader. The mother of the author comes to her senses and says, “I wouldn’t follow [proposed leader] around the corner.”(339) Next, most of the one-time cult members, many of the author’s siblings, are murdered, likely by rival cult members.

The author may or may still be following cult tenets, but her dead brother’s children are not. Her brother went to another church and joined. The author writes, “…members of the church…offered to help…The six kids are now in a stable Christian home… We feel this was the best thing for them, to be away from us and out of the “line of fire.” (366)


It’s a big day, an opportunity to change jobs, except everything that was said since summer 2015 belies every advocacy made today. He’s a politician, through and through, a member of the Eastern political establishment – relationships, bribes, corruption – he knows how to make those deals. He even wrote a book about the DEAL. Other candidates for the nomination have pointed to shifts in position, what is said now, and what was said two months ago – six months ago – a year ago – three years ago – five years ago – eight years ago when he was a Democrat. What job is he seeking? He is lying and a liar.

He supported and voted for the Democratic nominee for president. If anyone is consistent, it is she. On the other hand, he is fickle, jumpy, nervous and uncertain, like he has Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. I don’t mind calling him a weakling and being critical of his disability. There is no political correctness. There is either a physical cause or it’s mental: Weak memory, poor principles, inadequate learning, jumbled logic and muddled and addled thinking. In Britain they would say he was potty.

Nobody dare ask him where he is and where he’s doing. It’s painfully obvious when questions of policy come up. He is at a loss, answering in assorted and random cliches. Get out the Atlas and show him where Vietnam is. That’s a country he wanted to avoid militarily and in foreign policy.

The big game plan, because politics is so much like sports, is to go to TV commercials now. He has to distance himself from the people, make his divine soundings widespread across the boob tube. To tell the truth he has tired of meeting cows in Iowa – he’s never met a cow he hasn’t eaten. He’s tired of meeting maple trees in New Hampshire. For all that the American people know of TV (the idiot box), they knew screen time is fake, except for Americans running out and buying cars on impulse after watching one minute commercials where the automobile performs devised road feats. These are the same Americans who wonder why food in restaurant commercials does not look the same as when it is presented to them in restaurants.

The advertisements try to link together cliches by using images (pictures). Show Africans in Morocco running in one direction. Claim willingness to solve immigration problems into the USA by showing sprinting Moroccans. [They may be going to Walmart for discount TVs.] The candidate is telling Americans – “Good out and buy that car. Eat in that restaurant.” The justification for the pictorial deceit: America is becoming a Third World Country, the subliminal message: “Too many minorities.” The candidate’s real message is unintended and one he, himself, cannot stomach – the Moroccans are physically fit, unlike himself and many Americans.


2016 politics has revealed a candidate using methods of oratory to make himself a hero in the public’s eye. This storyline is easily plotted from two sources: Joseph Campbell’s How-to books and Adolph Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

Mein Kampf is one of the worst written books by anyone. Heinrich Boell, the German novelist, tells of exercises a school teacher mandated: Rewrite Mein Kampf. In class students reduced the book to one-third its length while preserving its hate and abortional shrills. Historians, politicians and literary persons have spotted one bit of brilliance in Mein. The Mad Mustacher knew how to sway the common people with oratory. A favorite line was, “Making Germany great again.” Mein is an excellent how-to book about persuasive, swaying oratory.

Chose issues or people and say outrageous, impolite, anti-social cliches about each one. Rich guys, bad people, and bad situations, mention them all. Talk like Kim Jong Un, North Korean Leader. When he speaks, he has to threaten war, this year a Sacred War. Claim the words spoken represent reality. Repeat, repeat, repeat, like a broken record; utter childish impulses and label anyone. Accuse anyone who disagrees is opposed to the truth. Hide behind the American flag. Anyone running for President wants the USA to be great in the future, not great once again. Personally attack anyone who mentions inconsistencies, dishonesties and depredations, always the fault and and shame of the orator but now the problem of all Americans. Monopolize the news media, always hot for dispute but lacking independent criticism and fairness, an acceptable result: Push the Orator’s name and recently used cliches. Everyone must follow the new trail.

Americans have never fallen for so simple a tactic as oratory and cliches. They want substance, beyond what they have learned from talk shows: They crave understanding in candidates beyond the use of cliches. The Constitution itself has a Preamble of cliches, but the remainder is meat and potatoes, which must be known, consumed and digested. Will the American people again chose someone in experience who is so uncomfortable and sensitive that he is frozen in office? Will the American people choose someone with a mind oriented to cliches? Or do Americans want someone appreciating the balance of faces affecting political power and who is capable of working within that system and producing results?

The Germans believed the oratory, and that it was communicated by a savior, the Mad Mustacher. He never got more than a third of the vote. Coming to power he dismantled structures of democratic government and quickly made Germany a totalitarian society. That would never happen in the United States. Americans own too many guns.

But some Americans and one group of broadcasters believe the Savior has arrived in the 2016 campaign. Late in 2015 newbie-broadcaster objected to the Savior being labelled a clown. Again and again the show guest repeated “clown,” and the newbie-broadcaster said, “He is not a clown.” On another show a guest said the appeal of the Savior was understandable but the messages were hogwash and shams. The program host decried none of it was hogwash or a sham. Preferably Americans would understand if the show hosts asked the reasons or facts behind the clown, hogwash/sham conclusions. Those broadcasters did not. Americans learned nothing.

What is the source to the incompetent existence allowing journalists and politicians to survive? Joseph Campbell. Let’s the the record straight. Campbell’s learned from Mein Kampf, the Nazis, German philosophy and the Germans. All his books were published after World War Two. Campbell knew Nazis and fascism were not marketable. He said his books had everything to do with myths. Anyone historically knowledgable know the Nazis were big myth resurrectors, and looking for myth, Old Joe C. copied Nazi ideology.

All right, I concede Americans live in an age of myths – Harry Potter, Star Wars, Vampires and the Undead. It’s a scary world, but don’t be deceived.

Old Joe C. was an academic who believed he had discovered a how-to-write-a-compelling story. Hero, make the protagonist a hero. The reader and movie audiences will fawn over him. Old Joe listed the ingredients [elements]. [steps], [manifestations], [parts], [units] and discussed many of them. Other writers have picked up these lists which comprise their interpretation of Old Joe’s work. It is therefore easy to conclude that Old Joe’s books are not well-written (because a lot of other authors make much more money explaining Old Joe myths things).

From the standpoint of literature Old Joe’s work is pure crap. However less refined and less rigorous media like movies and TV, have accept Joe’s methods. The quality and the quantity of each has declined. More frequently the audience is presented with characters in impossibly human situations, parakeets running wild, and deep sea adventures which end in outer space. The players are supposed to work through each scenario: A myth! How does a favorite actors handle it? It does not matter. It’s a myth! Don’t make it real, the myths of reality TV shows.

The American audience has lost the idea and the appreciation that forms of art in TV and movies can reflect human existence on Earth. What is offered to Americans? Rote and routine from Old Joe’s myth’s, hero, savior, everyone will be all right if one follows blindly because no one can ever see a Savior let alone understand speech of an orator, now a mad tyrant.

Indeed, the 2016 campaign one candidate presents his myth fitting Old Joe’s compendium: There have been no claims of his being born in a manger or found floating among the bulrushes. But suppressing underlings and deriding the poor is his stamp, and his greed, extravagance and profligacy are trump cards he loves to play.

Some hero elements used in 2016 are off Old Joe’s list, but indoctrinated, ignorant audiences are ready to overlook oversights and incongruent addenda: Producing far more harm and hardship to thousands of people than the orator has ever had himself. Making misjudgments that cost thousands of people employment. Having a sense of entitlement and privilege feeding the most extreme forms of narcissism and opportunism. A physical inability to portray himself as a human being, but as a piece of plaster of paris statuary on display at a Carnival. An unwillingness to expose himself to danger, hoping surrogates will carry that lead. An imprudent mouth not controlled by temper, judgment or reason. Lies, deceptions and tergiversations are primary communications.

The public relations make for an incoherent, uncogent campaign. Pick an issue out of the blue, and sky is the only common connection it has to Americans. Many of the comments are ill advised, infantile, ignorant or poorly put – make up the words, which ever words meet whim. Sentences don’t have to make sense, just bombastic, revealing emotion, irrationality and the intuition matching that of an ape, pounding the chest, hitting the ground and truly wondering what to do next.

This is 2016, time for Americans to get beyond the oratory, and search for a human being who understands issues beyond cliches.