Portrait of a Showgirl

What might a 40 year-old Lesley Anne Warren movie happening in Vegas tell anyone about anything?

Before seeing the movie I did not know Warren trained professionally for the ballet; she’s 5’8″. She does her own stunts – she does all her own dancing well.

In the movie she’s from New York, and a bit standoffish for the Vegas crowd. Backstory: She came West to get out of a romance with a married man who has promised divorce from Wife One. He comes to Vegas and says he will get a divorce. He reappears saying divorce is filed. He wants her to sign a prenuptial agreement and marry. NO.

That backstory is she spent a lot of time on this guy, and lost everything: Time, emotions, getting on with life. She looks for anything out of the ordinary. A parking attendant went to Medical School (presumably in the Bay Area). They hook up. She urges him to finish his medical education; he agrees. She lends him her car to go to the Bay Area. (north and west of Vegas) He crashes the car in Arizona (south and east of Vegas).

In a Vegas hospital room she sees him and breaks it off with a sensible, mature view of male/female relations. He puerilely smiles seeking forgiveness.

WARREN (paraphrased): It’s over. You have to stop being a little boy, and I have to grow up and be a woman.

In other words Warren realizes more about herself than before. She can’t be this jerk’s mother; she’s not feeling sorry for his inexcusable mistakes; he has to accept responsibility and suffer the lumps for his own actions. If she’s going to get ahead in life, she has a responsibility to herself not to be swayed by a cute butt, the turn of a phrase or a big car.

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