NO RESCUE FOR THIS FILM. Adrian Brody. When this actor has good material to act in, he is excellent.

HOWEVER, Wrecked starts with Adrian in a car wreck in a forest. He does not leave the car for 30 minutes. There are two dead people in the car.

Adrian does not leave the vicinity of the car for 45 minutes (in an 83 minute movie). There are no scenes with other actors, just glimpses. He does not crawl uphill to the road, presumably where the car came from. He does nothing (except put a splint on his injured leg). He goes downhill to a stream, purported is befriended by a dog, has hallucinations which don’t appear much different from the rest of the forest film. At minute 75 he crawls to the road where he finds a dead person.

Supposedly Adrian has amnesia. Next comes a mountain lion which is satisfied by dragging the road kill (dead person) into the bushes. (Minute 80) The sunset looks nice (minute 81). Adrian is rescued by a passing motorist (minute 82). Perhaps that is a hallucination. The movie ends at minute 83.


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