This is a BBC sequel to PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle, except none of the actors appearing in the first production are in Death Comes. Those actors know that bad sequels should never be made.

There’s a murder at Pemberly and the bad buy of the series, Wickum, is guilty. The Duke is put in the awkward position of defending him. Events that transpire show that Wickum should be hanged, although not for this murder. His wife, Lydia (Lizzy’s sister), is a fitter looking woman with a sharper voice and more intelligence. In the end she adopts a very modern view of gossip, scandal and adultery.

The three-hour show ends with Lydia and Wickem going to America. Undoubtedly there will be further BBC productions: PRIDE AND PREJUDICE IN THE AMERICAN SOUTH, or HOW GONE WITH THE WIND SHOULD HAVE BEEN WRITTEN. In PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AMONG THE INDIANS Wickem is killed. Lydia becomes a hostage.

The point of all these BBC productions is any cliche will do.


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