This volume is an intelligent, well-presented, well-written survey of the Jewish peoples in Europe (Urals to the Atlantic) from the early eighteenth century into the twentieth century.

Because Jews were isolated by Europeans, they have a separate history and society on that continent, less so in North America. Yet author-Sacher gives details in historical settings, by group, nationality and time. He presents the significant personages, their ideas and influences. There are anomalies: The Russians persecuted their Jews, driving them off the lands and away from cities (no where to live), yet the Russians did not want the Jews to leave Russia because there would be shortfalls in conscription for the Russian Army. There are explanatory facts: Breaking of the glass at Jewish wedding represents the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, not penetrating the hymen. There is a difference between the (a) Temple (Second Temple) in Jerusalem and a synagogue. Historically, there has been a difference between synagogues in America and those in Germany and elsewhere.

This book was first published in 1967. As most text of history approaches the present day, it tends to be interpretative. However, Sacher is careful, “The Birth of Israel:”

By the war’s end there were two groups of Arab political leaders in Palestine: those allied with the Palestine

Arab Party and those allied with the Arab National Fund, headed by the spokesman of the old Istiqlal party. The

Mufti was still the official leader of the Arab community; but as a war criminal he was unacceptable to the British.

The Arabs found it impossible to agree upon a new executive for the national movement. In the absence of

political leadership at home, they tended to look to near-by countries for guidance and support …After 1945…

all major decisions on the organization of Arab anti-Zionist resistance was made not in Jerusalem but Cario;

for it was in 1945 that the League of Arab States came into existence…The British themselves had originally

sponsored this league as an anti-Soviet and indeed, an anti-French federation…(463)

It is appalling that the Palestinians had no single body to negotiate for its people. Keeping the Mufti after World War Two was stupid. The guy spent years in Berlin until the Russians overran the city. He was buddies with all the big Nazis; he broadcast for them. They used his name and authority far and wide.

When looking at Nazi Germany what every Semite must ask is, can anyone believe that Hitler and the Nazis would have stopped after killing only Jews? NO. Hitler and the Nazis happily would have slaughtered countless other peoples, if given the chance, as the Nazi record demonstrates: Millions of Russians, Czechs, Slovakians and Poles. They killed French, despite the fact that the Franks of the Sixth Century were a true Germanic people who moved west; the Normans of Normandy were a Nordic people; they killed Italians in Northern Italy despite the fact that the Lombards of the Sixth Century were a Germanic people who moved south. The Germans did not kill many Scandinavians because those people were truly Nordic. But the Germans freely killed Russians, Poles and others who were more more Nordic in appearance than the Semite-appearing Hitler, Himmler and Goebbels.

If the Germans had defeated into British in Egypt in 1942, the Germans would have gone east and killed millions of Semites, until nature’s only defense, skin cancer, took out the murdering Nordic conquerors.

All human beings should read of Nazi atrocities and realize and appreciate the evil. The reaction of the Jews to record and write about those years is a great contribution to human beings and their history. That knowledge and learning tells us in part the human race can do better. During that war the Semitic peoples, not in Europe, were not immune; they were not protected. Indeed, the Semitic peoples should read this book and others, study and embrace the Holocaust as an attack on their ethnicity. They will learn from that knowledge they have much in common with fellow Semites, whatever the religion.


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