Sarah’s Key: A French production about the round-up of Jews in Paris in July 1942, and the death of a Jewish family who lived at an apartment newly occupied (circa 2000)  by a journalist (Kriston Scott Thomas) who is investigating and writing an article about the round-up. It is an excellent movie.

JACK REACHER: Tom Cruise, Rosemund Pike. Cruise plays unlikeable tough guy, loner and good investigator, and Cruise fits the role well. The story doesn’t strain credulity much. Cruise uncovers murders/fraud by the bad guys. Without kissing Rosemund good-bye, Cruise leaves town on a bus. Only complaint: Night time car chases are horrible. Nobody can see what’s going on. 

Echelon: Never rent, never buy.

It’s the Rage: Poor movie about use or misuse of guns by Americans in the home or elsewhere. The first shooting incident, man kills business partner while partner is sneaking about his house at 4:00 a.m. That’s what wife and partner call discretion. Partner and man’s wife have been having an affair. I’d shoot the partner too, but I wouldn’t write a movie about it and adultery and try to make it into an anti-gun movie.

Scarlett Pimpernel: Richard Grant, Elizabeth McGovern. An attempt to update the rescue methods of original character and story. The Pimpernel’s French wife (McGovern) helps him in France. Actually, McGovern’s character impedes the work of her husband. She adds nothing, story or character wise, to each loosely dramatic, poorly written tale.

Lady of Burlesque: Barbara Stanwyck reprising part of her early career in show business cannot save this poor written movie: Murders in a theater where burlesque, the seedy side of entertainment, is on stage daily. There’s not enough performance time, some of which ought to feed into the murders. Stanwyck and male-comic have no character development; their dialogue is stale and trite. It is a disappointing movie, although the subject matter (and Stanwyck) had great possibilities. The movie can be remade, presenting a demanding role for a talented actress.



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