Another website said Casey Affleck claimed to rescue a repairman. He made this rescue self-award announcement on late night TV, all to enhance his image and to gas his career.

The world should know of my rescue efforts, successful and unsuccessful, so the human race will flock to the iBookstore and buy my novels and one history, Michael Ulin Edwards, Author.

I’ve rescued a fireman, a police officer and a civil servant. I don’t know the details about the fireman, but I saved an officer from complete embarrassment by writing a court brief after he gave me a ticket for jaywalking. The charge was dismissed. I raised the self-esteem of a civil servant by asking a question “no one has ever asked before.” For the remainder of the day that government employee felt useful and fulfilled.

Last week I helped an old lady, a vegan, cross the street, and two weeks ago I held a door for a woman pushing a stroller. I didn’t see the kid. I held a ladder for a repairman so he wouldn’t fall on me.

I tried to save last summer’s goldfish before they sailed down the drain into the LA sewer system.

I’m a good person. Buy my books on the iBookstore. Michael Ulin Edwards, Author.


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