While Washington DC was indoors hard a work earlier this month, reminders of month’s end were walking around every day before the American people. Most notable were John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi.

Nancy is older. John looks worn. But they each apply the instant sun tan lotion. Boehner doesn’t wear the stuff well. He always has an orange glow to his complexion, a bronze man of power looking for a woman of his ilk.

That’s Nancy Pelosi, but she won’t waltz with anyone of his color. She knows how to apply suntan or she uses a better brand. She lacks the orange tint and sports a brown skin tone which perfectly matches her dyed hair. Nancy’s hair is done right. It does not have the green or blue tint to it that Senator Diane Feinstein has.

Now that I’m talking about the United States Senate, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Harry Reid, who appears to wear no makeup except for flour. He’s as white as a bleached sheet and looks like Casper the Ghost.

Living under the government these guys are running is horrible enough. On all Saints Day, they should stop faking it, remove the make up and return to reality.


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