There was more than one shooter in Dallas on November 22, 1963, and that person(s) was likely killed soon after the President was dead. It is unlike that Oswald knew this other person(s). However, these other persons were much better shots than Oswald. 
Throughout these blogs I assume Oswald owned the rifle that was recovered by the FBI.

ISSUE 1: Condition of Oswald’s Rifle. After the assassination the American people were told that Oswald had purchased a rifle of Italian make through the mail for $13.00. It presumably was war surplus, or a knock-off of a World War Two model. There aren’t many improvements that can made to a rifle like that. Oswald got what he paid for. The idea that Oswald’s rifle could be modified to improve it is wrong.

ISSUE 2: Marksmanship. In the mid-1950s Oswald joined the U.S. Marines, and he qualified as a marksman. That means in a shooting position or shooting positions, he hit the target frequently on the firing range at a given distance, 100 -200 yards. BUT Oswald was not a sniper. He did not receive that training, which involves much more shooting with different sorts of weapons. It involves firing many more rounds at targets from various positions. Oswald likely could not meet the psychological and other standards which Marine snipers must have.

ISSUE 3: Practice. There has been a dispute about a photograph in which Oswald holds a rifle similar to the one he bought for $13.00. I do not know if that photograph was real.  As a “marksman” Oswald needed to practice. Did Oswald practice on a firing range, or did he just occasionally shoot at tin cans from the back porch of his house? How much did Oswald practice? Did he shoot off 5,000 rounds, or was it 35?

When did the route of Presidential motorcade become known to the public and to Oswald? It is obvious that Oswald did not have months to prepare. He may have had a week. Any sniper as well as any marksman will explain to anyone that it is necessary to practice such a shot from the actual shooting position, if possible. If not shots can be made, it is very helpful to stand with the weapon in the position and project circumstances at the time of shooting. Where to aim for the kill shot?  It is doubtful if Oswald did anything like that, although in the Sixth Floor of the School Book Depository, Oswald would have to turn his body some to take shots Two and Three. 

It has not been explained how devoted Oswald was to firing his rifle. A single photograph of Oswald holding a rifle does not make Oswald a fiend for guns or for that rifle. Under normal circumstances it is improbable Oswald would have made shots Two and Three without intense practice. Oswald’s marksmanship qualifications are a red herring.

ISSUE 4: Reenactments. The History Channel [Military Channel, Assassination Channel] have reenacted the setting of the November 22, 1963 site down to the last millimeter. They have used the same model of Oswald’s rifle, but have not used Oswald’s rifle. It is probable that the rifle being shot is in as fine a condition as that rifle can be (and very much unlike Oswald’s rifle). The shooter is a sniper, or someone with sniper abilities. He knows he has three shots to fire, not one. And it is to be assumed that the shooter practiced, including with his body turned (for shots Two and Three).

The reenactments are wrong and misleading.

More in the next blog.



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