ALICE MUNRO – Disconnect

Everyone praises Alice Munro for writing her short stories about human situations – conditions, feelings, emotions, beings. I’m tired of this praise. None of Munro’s writing is relevant or applicable to our world.

Did anyone look at what’s selling in book land? Vampires, Monsters, science fiction, science fantasy, Machines, aliens, disasters, deviancy. No one wants to read about human beings; they’re passé. Their problems, issues and moods are annoyances. They successes come about through luck or connections. I want to read about an out-of-the-galaxy life form destroy the Space Station (people on board are saved) and at the same time, clean up the space junk and solve the global warming issue.

If anyone wants an example about how widespread are our interests in human being, witness Tom Hanks. What is the difference of Tom Hank’s characters in his Island movie and in his Pirate movie? Answer: Two degrees of separation.

It is obvious the Nobel committee is removed from reality. They should get with it and give the next prize to the the Black Being from the Black Hole in the center of the Milky Way. He is living on Earth and writing this blog.


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