Americans have heard Obamacare is the Law of the Land. Therefore it must be funded and followed. Following and funding Land of the Law is historically inaccurate, is politically wrong and is socially inept like the Democarts current non-negotiable demand claims. The Democrats are dense on about the Law of the Land. What has been the so-called Law of the Land which has neither been funded nor been followed?

RETURNING FUGITIVE SLAVES. There is a constitutional provision and many statutes running through the Compromise of 1850. Yet slaves ran and became successful fugitives, and slave-loving Democrats bewailed the lack of federal funding and enforcement to recapture slaves and return them to their slave owners.

Law of the Land – 0              Freedom for Americans – 1

PROHIBITION. A constitutional amendment, number 18, forbid alcohol in the United States of America. Other than flagrant violations of this amendment and accompanying statutes, the country also produced bad novels, insideous fashions, intense racial hatreds and organized crime. Despite The Untouchables, Elliot Ness, Marvin Pervis and others trying to enforce the federal anti-booze statute, Americans paid no attention to violations of the amendment or accompanying statutes.

Law of the Land – 0             Drunk Americans – 2

DRUGS. Federal statutes [no Constitutional provisions] say that marijuana is illegal. The Supremacy Clause of the Constitution states that Federal statutes and regulations control and render useless and unenforceable all contrary state legislation and constitutional provisions. Americans in various states ignore the Law of the Land federal statutes and smoke dope.

Law of the Land – 0             Inhaling Americans – 3

Obamacare tells Americans to buy health insurance – the only way it will work is if everyone buys. Meanwhile, Americans cannot buy cars, houses or pay off student debts. Americans who want to live life now, do not want an added expense, where waivers to avoid Obamacare have been given to Corporations and buddies of Obama, and Americans themselves are healthy and will likely be healthy for at least 30 years. Americans also see that rules, regulations and procedures in Obamacare are not yet written. No one knows what is actually happening; no one is prepared although Obama has has four years to get it up and running.

Law of the Land – 0            Happy Americans – 4  


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