It is humiliating to submit anything to anybody, especially at the end when you realize they don’t understand it, or perhaps they did. What follows is a sketch of submission activities.

I started with Goya, his etchings, Caprichos, and subjects come to me fitting into my world of art. “What a sacrifice!” has a suitable theme: “…the age-old theme of an unequal or ill-matched partner for marriage. Self interest makes a victim of the wife; the fiance’ is not very attractive but he is rich, and in return for the liberty of an unhappy girl, he buys the security of a hungry family,” reports the caption. It is a terrific provenance.

How to make this story? No one reads. The audience likes song and dance; George Murphy has become popular again. That’s the medium I capitalized on. I wrote and presented the idea.

Start with song because if the poetry of the story (book – dialogue, action) doesn’t work, at least there will be music and words to market separately. Once songs are identified and the lyrics out, write the book. Try to link the songs together with vague coherency. Compose the music.

The songs should try to follow the story developing it: Two psychologically damaged people are forced to fall in love. He’s an old guy with questionable abilities; she’s pretty and 20 years old who is attracted to security. A PRODUCTION PROBLEM: Hope that the male lead doesn’t have a heart attack while trying to keep up with the moves, steps and dancing of the youth on stage.

THE SONGS (not in order; some are duets — as indicated):

Fat, stupid and I look like Hell.

My Four Hour Problem — Four Times A Day

Diner by Five, Bed by Seven

Who is that? — My Boyfriend

Cloud or Storage?

My Little Visit To The Trophy Store

Women My Age — Guys My Age   (I was once a guy your age)

I’ve Never Read a Book

Vinyl, Cassettes and Eight Tracks — Reel to Reel

Stick Shifts

I Remember When People Were Rude

Love Lessons From Sesame Street

Maturity: Lack of Energy — Maturity: You’ve Got Cash

I was disappointed that no women were among the producers and impresarios. I didn’t tell them Goya and “What a Sacrifice!” had nothing to do with this musical. I wanted them thinking I really researched this musical. Instead, I was watching the news and saw that Rupert Murdoch was getting divorced. Old-man-young-girl love failed, although she saved him from a pie in the face while he was trying to protect his moron son. If pie protection didn’t demonstrate love, I don’t know what else could.

So for the sake of ART, I lied and claimed inspiration from a master of art, Goya, a genius. He saw into the human heart. He speaks for the ages. He should be remembered. He should be put into music more often. My musical should be bought. It explains the surge to remain young, live life to an extreme end, hard bodies, sleek and flexible. Yoga’s popular. There is an advantage of age when considering matters of love.

I may need help. Anyone who wants to collaborate, let me know.

The men at the meeting didn’t buy it. They were all looking older than they were because they are getting out of shape; some are bald. (I’m older than I look because I’m in reasonable shape.) They were looking for something more hip, cool, hot, rad, effervescent, a story prone to beat, cliche’ and nothing that would mirror their lives. A few have young wives; one guy is paying college tuition.

They thanked me for coming and for my time. I left poorer but with the satisfaction that I had given them the best entertainment they’ve heard all year. I hope they don’t steal my ideas.


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